Grab and Tinder's Promotion Will Have You Sharing a Ride With Social Media Personalities

When you think of the term “iconic pairings”, a few things immediately come to mind — “Beauty and the Beast”, “Gin and Tonic” and “Fish and Chips” are a few that we can think of at the top of our heads…but Grab and Tinder? Now that’s one that we definitely haven’t thought of before. Yup, for their first Southeast Asian collaboration the popular social app is partnering up with the ride-hailing platform to bring you closer to a host of social media personalities, and if that sounds like something you can get on board with (pun totally intended), well…read on, we guess.

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Here’s how the promotion works — from 11am to 4pm tomorrow, seven social media personalities will be roving around Singapore in GrabShare cars, and if you choose the special “New Faces, New Places” option while booking a ride you just might get picked up by them, giving you the chance to mingle while en route to your destination. The fun doesn’t stop there, however — at the end of the day each personality will choose a passenger they’d like to know better, and Tinder / Grab will arrange and entire day out for the two centered around their interests. Sure beats scrolling through Facebook and Instagram as you drive from your house to Orchard Road.

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Of course, the promotion wouldn’t be very enticing if the social media personalities in question weren’t…y’know, likeable, but thankfully Tinder and Grab have amassed a pretty varied group of people that should cover most bases — there’s food / fitness enthusiast Victoria Cheng, fashionista Brenda Ng, and travel junkie Brandon Teo for those with a little #wanderlust, to name a few. There really isn’t any harm in giving this promotion a try, so if you were planning on taking a Grab tomorrow you might want to click on that special option…and who knows? You just might make a new friend while you’re at it.
Grab x Tinder “New Faces, New Places” Promotion, 19th May (tomorrow!), 11am to 4pm. Grab is available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
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