THEY New York's F/W 2017 Collection Is A Work Of Geometric Art

There’s really not much that we can debate over this — these sneakers from THEY New York are the epitome of geometric ingenuity. We always do have a special place for low cut kicks in our hearts, ever since our younger, punker, Converse days (still love you, Converse); and it’s really no wonder that sneaker brands would want to cash in their own iterations of the versatile silhouette.
Take THEY for example, the New York-based luxury sneaker brand with a penchant for fuss-free Japanese minimalist designs. They’ve taken every minimalist’s love for geometric shapes, and perfectly incorporated them into the body of the sneaker, for a subtle yet sharp accent that has successfully differentiated their kicks from the many out in the market. This Summer, they released an exclusive collection of pure monochromatic, minimalist goodness.

The Circle Low is what we’re most drawn to — it’s clearly a simple design that’s come a full (semi) circle; harmoniously bringing together the beauty of a classic silhouette and an accent that makes the sneaker so wearable, yet still incredibly distinctive. It must be something to do with the perfect circular perimeter of the semicircle that extends to the end of sole of the shoe that just makes it pop. Those who want an even more straight-to-the-point highlight might want to consider the Triangle Low, where the semicircle is artfully replaced with a cutting edge triangle.

As for the other style, the Two-Tone Low, designers have taken the liberty of sectioning off a chunk of surface area from the back of the shoe — something that’s not quite conventional. It’s a bold and refreshing way of re-inventing a classic style, and we sincerely do look forward to more innovative designs by THEY New York.
All these sneakers come in a monochromatic palette of black, white, beige and blush. Prices start at US$259 for a Circle Low in Canvas White-Black, available at
Header Image: THEY New York