It Seems Like This Blue Butterfly Emoji Is Becoming A Thing Now

As of late, we’ve been spotting this very weird trend on Instagram and you’ll never guess what it is. It’s nothing beauty or fashion related, but instead, it’s the appearance of this random blue butterfly emoji. We’re referring to this:


It all started out a few months back when we started noticing this emoji being actively used by models and fashion influencers. At that point of time, we simply shrugged it off because we thought it was just a random emoji chosen by these celebs. But recently, we are seeing a lot more of it, so much so that it just seemed like a strange phenomenon. So we just had to figure out what the hell is going on with these celebs and their use of this super random emoji.
Firstly, unlike the flames emoji, the underlined 100 emoji, or the hearts emoji, going into the nature section is pretty rare, let alone going into the insects’ section of your emoji keyboard – because why on earth would you use an insect as your Instagram caption? 🦋🦋🦋🦋

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So when we googled, nobody actually took notice of this trend except for an online site called lifeandstylemag who reported that the butterfly emoji is now Kylie Jenner’s new obsession ever since she had something going on with rapper, Travis Scott. Both Jenner and Scott exchanged tweets that included the butterfly emoji, probably using it as a secret signal between themselves. And then it all just seemed to make sense. Scott had released a song called “Butterfly Effect” and he used the blue winged insect emoji heavily for his song promotion on his Instagram posts.


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phewf last night wasn't a dream 🦋

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Ok, so we get that this emoji is their new way of communicating with each other, but is there any other reason why these other celebs and random strangers are using it in their captions and commenting with the butterfly emoji? Is it just for fun and out of pure randomness? Perhaps they are fans of Scott and his latest song. Or maybe they are subtly hinting that they have a butterfly effect (a concept whereby a small action can have a huge impact) on their followers. It may seem like we’re making a big deal out of it, but really, if you think about it, it’s strange. Well, whatever it is, we might just start using the blue butterfly emoji just to join in the fun.

🦋✨💦lost film by my❤️ @renellaice

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Pretty to look at but hard to catch 🦋🦋

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If you do know anything about the significance of this unassuming blue butterfly emoji or its underlying meaning, do let us know by commenting! We are very much keen to know why this emoji is gaining popularity among these celebs.