Nespresso's Creatista Plus Machine Is Here So We Can Easily Create Latte Art-Worthy Coffee At Home

We all have those days. You just woke up and you absolutely need a cup of coffee, but are way too lazy to get out of the house and get one anyway. That’s the point of having a coffee machine at home, isn’t it? Well, most of the time, we’re in a rush, so we settle for whatever our machines can offer. You might even have a Nespresso machine at home, and it takes, what, two minutes tops to have a fresh cup of coffee in front of you — just pop in a quick capsule and you’re done. Our only gripe is this: who has the time and that expert barista knowledge to steam the right kind of milk for a latte? Sigh, pouring hot milk into our coffee’s just not the same, eh.
Until now, that is, You can be a complete noob when it comes to preparing coffee of any kind, but perhaps less so with the Creatista Plus, touted as “the first Nespresso machine that allows users to create latte art”. How it works is this — you get the neat convenience of a Nespresso machine on one side, and then a fully-automated steam wand on the other side that allows anyone to create multiple milk foam textures, thanks to the collaboration with Breville, an Australian brand known for their innovative kitchen appliance expertise.


On top of being a nice swanky machine for your #kitchengoals line up (just check out the gleaming stainless steel design), the new Nespresso appliance makes it instantly easier for a classic Cappuccino or a velvety smooth Flat White or Latte, complete with that milk foam on top that we all know and love. Remember how you need to master the intricacies of the right temperature, the amount of time needed, and what exactly the texture is for the ideal steamed milk to add to your coffee?
Well, never mind that now; simply select your preferred coffee type, fill the milk jug that comes with the machine, then place it on the temperature sensor. And you’re done! Sure, you’ll have to wait for less than a minute for the job to be truly finished, but that’s just the machine automatically heating your milk to the right temperature, followed by the steam want frothing it to the perfect texture for you. Ah, just let the machines take over already.

What’s also great is that the machine can also generate ‘micro-milk foam’, something that’s essential for latte art creation. Hey, this might inspire you to be a home barista! It does take practice to, now, do the perfect pour, but the coffee experts we spoke to at the launch assured us that this essentially made the job easier by half. 
True enough, we tried a fresh brew from the machine, of our own creation (it’s just pressing buttons right?) though poured by the deft hands of a barista — this tasted every bit as great as something you can find in a cafe… at a fraction of the price. Hold up, does that mean we get to save money (and splurge it all on makeup and shoes) and get quality coffee anyway? Yes.
You can, of course, personalise all the settings, plus, since it’s a Nespresso machine, you’ll get all of their usual hassle-free delights too, including a fast self-cleaning system and a tray that pops up so you can discard (recycle!) your used capsules.
Here’s a video we took while at the brand’s revamped ION Orchard flagship boutique:

At the new boutique, you’ll also get to try out the machine, plus enjoy sweet treats from Tarte by Cheryl Koh over the opening weekends (8-9 July / 15 – 16 July). And if you’re thinking of getting the limited edition ‘Nespresso On Ice’ capsules, a summer special that retains your aromatic coffee blend even over ice, you won’t even have to line up behind a counter. All of the staff are equipped with mobile iPads, so you can place your order from anywhere within the store. Yep, that’s the hassle-free experience alright.
Nespresso Creatista Plus, $748, available from 21 July 2017 at any Nespresso boutique, online at, via the Nespresso Mobile App, or via the Nespresso Club at 800 852 3525. Also available for in-store trial and pre-order at the Nespresso ION Orchard boutique, from 5 – 21 July 2017. 
Nespresso ION Orchard Flagship Boutique is at ION Orchard, #01-14A.