FUNFIT Makes Dressing Up For Exercising More Exciting

Exercising might seem effortlessly easy, especially when all you see on Instagram are endless scrolls of #fitspo posts that just remind you that you spent your night eating chips and watching Netflix. Okay, so you’ve made up your mind to go running, but then you realise that you don’t have any running clothes. Lo and behold, you manage to dig out your old FBT shorts and university orientation camp shirt from who knows how long ago. They’ll do for now, but you don’t want to be seen exercising in those ratty threads by everyone!
Local sportswear label, FUNFIT, offers a wide range of trendy atheleisure apparel that is perfect for wearing out and exercising. You won’t be embarrassed to be spotted in their sportswear, which come in everything from block colours to bright, cheery patterns, and of course the safe colour black.
If you asked us which is their star product, it would have to be their exercising shorts. The two major designs are the Atheleisure Petal Hem Shorts, which has two layers for double protection and an inner pocket, and the shorts that come with a Keeperband, which is kind of like a fanny pack as the entire waistband can be used to store your essentials. You can keep your phone, keys, wallet, and it can even fit your passport (if you choose to go running with your passport for some reason). The Keeperband helps keep your shorts up whilst you have your phone in your pocket on your waist – no more droopy shorts that keep threatening to fall! And yes, we’ve tried it for ourselves so we can vouch for this.
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Atheleiswim™ Petal Hem Shorts in Izzy Print $69.90, Atheleiswim™ Petal Hem Shorts in Aztecal Print $69.90, Wide Wasitband Shorts LL in Black (with Keeperband) $52.90

Other than shorts, there are also leggings and capris in all sorts of patterns. There are also high waist-ed leggings so that you can hide any unsightly cellulite you might have!

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Luxtride Mid-waist Leggings in Indigo $59.90, Movement Leggings in Cosmo Print $89.90, Active Capris in Aztec Print $79.90, Luxtride High-waist Leggings in Indigo $64.90

If swimming is more your kind of thing than running or gymming, Funfit carries an entire Atheleiswim range that can double up as swimwear. Their athletic crops can be worn as bathing tops, while their swimsuits can double up as a bodysuit – just pair them with jeans or a skirt. Now you don’t have to tote around too many changes of clothes just for one swim! Also, their swimsuits have really #relatable quotes that totally resonate with us.

A Girl Has No Name Swimsuit in Grey $59.90, Always Hungry Swimsuit in Purple $59.90, Squad Swimsuit in Turquoise $59.90

And of course FUNFIT knows that not everyone is comfortable wearing those skimpy little bikinis that barely covers anything, which is why they have different bottoms from high-waisted bikini bottoms to swimming tights, and all sorts of tops like tankinis and long sleeve swim tops. Their signature petal hem shorts can also be used for swimming, which comes with a little handy pocket for your locker key.

UPF50+ Short Sleeve Sunvest in Black/ Magenta $79.90, Halter Bandeau Set in Renessa Print $89.90, Blouson Tankini Black Top (Summer Print) $79.90, UPF50+ Long Sleeve Rash Top in Nautical Stripes $79.90


Ruched Swim Skort in Hot Pink $49.90, UPF50+ Swim Tights in Navy (Unisex) $69.90, Swim Tights in Striped Print $69.90, High Wasited Swim Bottom in Palm Abstract Print $39.90

Their ‘Men’s’ section is a little smaller, with only swimwear on offer, but the limited range is pretty easy on the eyes. There are boardshorts that can be used as swimwear or loungewear, and swim tops for those guys who don’t like to reveal their upper bodies.


Boardshorts in Pastel Strips $39.90, UPF50+ Crew Neck Tee in Neon Fluro/ Grey $64.90, UPF50+ Crew Neck Rash Top in Black $69.90, Boardshorts in Royal Pony Print $39.90

FUNFIT activewear, available at Ships locally and internationally. 
Header image: FUNFIT