Your Ultimate Guide To This Year's Craziest 11.11 Sales

The Black Friday sales might be more renowned on the other side of the world, but here in Asia, it’s the 11.11 sales that really make us excited. With flash sales and massive discounts from both branded goods and from online retailers, you’ll be glad to have that Christmas bonus by the time next month rolls up.

For those who have not heard of the 11.11 sales, it’s a yearly sales that happens on 11 November. Initially known as Singles’ Day which originated in China, it’s now become another excuses to shop. We’re not complaining though, in fact, we want to thank whoever decided that being single was something to celebrate because these sales are just freaking awesome.
So as not to bore you any further, just scroll down for the 8 best 11.11 sales that will be happening this year.
1. Taobao/ Tmall’s Global Shopping Festival

The purveyor of the sales -Taobao. In China, the 11.11 sales day is also known as Alibaba day because of the huge profit that they make despite the massive sales. This year, Taobao and Tmall are both offering up discounts and coupons that you can redeem at them 11.11 promotional site. Online retailers are offering up to 50% across all the shopping categories including furniture, electronics, apparel and makeup, free sea-freight shipping for your first kilogram, and cashback rebates if you pay using Taobao’s payment partners. Check out the promotional site for all the deals and discounts. All the discounts and promos are stackable so you don’t have to settle on one! It’s the perfect way to get all your Christmas shopping all out of the way super early – just don’t let the others know what you’re up to.
Shop Taobao and Tmall at Taobao or through the mobile Taobao app
2. ezbuy
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 11.21.48

If you can’t navigate the Taobao site easily (Mandarin isn’t exactly our strong suit either), ezbuy is your answer. A good tip is getting a couple of friends and getting an ezbuy prime account because of the set $2.99 shipping fee and also a $20 voucher if you are first-time subscriber. ezbuy is running their own set of deals and discounts, some of which are on top of the discounts from Taobao’s retailers on their side. Their best promotion has to be the one where 14 shoppers stand a chance to get a 100% rebate if you check out from 11-11:11pm on 8-10 Nov, and during 00:00-1:00am in 11 Nov. Other than that, there’s also a Spin-&-Win page where you can win a $1111 cash voucher and you can also buy $11 cash vouchers for $1 and more.
Head to to check out their promotions and start shopping
3. Lazada

You can now shop on Taobao on Lazada too! Of course, the entire selection is not on Lazada, but it’s good enough honestly if you don’t like navigating Taobao’s sites. Besides Taobao, Lazada is also running a ton of other promotions with their other retailers and brands on their sites.  For 24 hours on 11 Nov, shoppers get over 110 flash deals and stand a chance to win $110 vouchers. During that time, Lazada will also be releasing 27 surprise boxes from 27 brands that are worth $100 but sold at $29 and offering shoppers free delivery if they sign up for LiveUp. Previous surprise boxes brands have included Logitech, Nature Republic and Pandora. There are also loads of new brands on Lazada now, like Shiseido and Origins, so its time to start loading up your cart.
4. Watsons
Slowly trawl through all the 11.11 promos – you don’t want to miss out on anything! Here’s what you’ll get if you decide to stop by your nearest Watsons. Time to stock up on all your skincare…

Available at all Watsons outlets or order online for free delivery at
5. Deliveroo 

Spending the entire day at home browsing the internet to see what else you can buy? You might want to jump in on Deliverooo’s 11.11 special offer where you can get Popeyes for just $1. The $1 set meal will give you 1 piece of spicy fried chicken, garlic rice, regular mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy and Pepsi. Your total will not be over $1 too because for the special meal, there is no minimum order value or delivery costs. You really only pay $1. The deal starts at 2:11 on Saturday 11 November, and is while stocks last!
Download the Deliveroo app now or order online at
6. Gaston Luga
Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 17.38.40

Need a new stylish bag for your travels? Gaston Luga is your answer! With three classic designs that have hidden pockets, inner laptop compartments, and an easily accessible pocket for your passport, this is your perfect travel companion. Gaston Luga will be having 25% off ALL BAGS and also a free leather address tag which you can personalise. If you order from a non-EU country (us!), you also get a 20% tax rebate.
Make use of the 11.11 sales by heading over to
7. Superga
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.18.14

Superga Deck Shoe in Coffee, Deep Lake and Deep Lake-White – $75 (Retail Price of $169.90)

One can never have too many sneakers. Superga will be joining in the 11.11 fun with discounts of up to 60%, and prices starting at $65. There’s also free local delivery if you spend more than $50, which is honestly really easy to hit with just one pair of shoes. Get your favourite footwear delivered straight to your doorstep!

Available at Superga stores in Vivocity, Westgate and Wheelock or online at
8. Zalora


From 9 Nov till 12 Nov, you’ll be able to embrace your singlehood with some serious retail therapy thanks to Zalora. With exclusive hour-long markdowns and flash sales up to 60% that will keep you rooted to your seat as you constantly refresh the homepage, you’ll be bookmarking all your favourite brands. Other than Zalora’s own house brands, other brands like Desigual, Esprit, Daniel Wellington and Aldo are also slashing their prices up to 70% off. If you don’t want to wait ages for your loots to arrive, remember to sing up for their Zalora Now membership, which promises next day delivery for a year at just $14.99.

Start bookmarking the stuff you’ve got your eyes on – because we’ll be doing the same. Oh, and make sure you’ve upped the limit on your cards because you don’t want to get stopped at the check out page and miss out on all these incredible deals. You’ve got just under two days to go!
Don’t fear if you regret not getting something, because you can look out for the 12.12 sales – the sales that is designed for you to get all the stuff you regretted not getting in the 11.11 sales. Just saying.
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