Don't Wait For The Pirated Versions, We're Watching These 2018 Movies In Cinemas

Movies are mini-escapes from the crushing difficulties of life. We’ve reminisced about our favourites of 2017, re-watched Christmas specials over and over and even spent late nights thinking about murder over them. We’ve also been binging on trailers for the upcoming ones next year, from the climatic Fifty Shades instalment to the magical sequel to The Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, even a horror movie that’s almost completely silent? There’re so many more that we’ve yet to divulge on, so here’s (some of) our can’t-wait-to-watch movies of 2018 — there’re lots of sequels like Incredibles 2, which is an added incentive to re-watch our favourite series to catch up!

Avengers: Infinity War

2017’s been the year of disappointing superhero movies, and we want to give a particular shoutout to Justice League which did the fandom serious injustice. We were pretty much defeated by the poor executions of characters from the DC universe, but our insatiable appetite for action-packed coolness hasn’t died down thanks to the highly-anticipated Infinity War. The Avengers are in shambles after Civil War, but when super villain Thanos arrives on Earth to collect Infinity Stones in order to power his destruction, the team forcibly bands together with the Guardians of the Galaxy! and salvage the state of the world.
The Avengers: Infinity War comes out 25 April 2018.

The Nun

The Conjuring series has creeped us out with its clapping hands in a wardrobe and creepy doll Annabelle spin-offs, but none quite stuck with us than the demon Valak did from Conjuring 2 last year. It’s been confirmed that The Nun is director James Wan’s latest franchise venture following the creepy presence with its jaundice-yellow blinding eyes and donning of a nun’s habit, which we’re guessing is a sign of religious defiance. Nothing’s been confirmed about the story line, but if we’re getting more heebie-jeebies like we’ve seen on the big screen, we’re definitely signing up for it.
The Nun comes out in theatres 13 July 2018.

Deadpool 2

Though a great movie, a lot of people complained about how Thor: Raganok was slapstick-funny. Jokes and Thor mayn’t be the most resonant pair, but Deadpool certainly isn’t one to shy away from the laugh-out-loud lame. Underlying the humour is a pretty tragic story of a man who underwent torturous experiments to “cure” cancer which scarred his Ryan Reynolds-lookalike beauty but ultimate gave his superhuman healing powers and kick-ass ninja skills. Besides being a great superhero comedy to sequel it’s also an anti-movie that breaks the forth wall and parodies other films Scary Movie-style, which is an added nugget to drag us into theatres.
Deadpool 2 comes out in theatres 31 May 2018.

The New Mutants

There’ve been more X-Men movies than Octo-mom has kids and that’s a good thing because we’ve seen many timelines and generations of mutants played out. Hugh Jackman may no longer be Wolverine since his departure after Logan but the X-Men franchise is reinventing itself by promising two X-men movies next year, one a horror! and the other where the X-Men have to fight off Jean Grey in outer space when her Dark Phoenix powers overcome her? Heck yea!
The New Mutants comes out in theatres 13 April 2018.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes out in theatres 2 November 2018.
Header image: Screen Rant