Make Your Own Masks With Lidl's Silvercrest Face Mask Maker

Anyone who searches skin remedies online can be assured to get webpages of results pointing to the DIY route, mixing home ingredients with promising, natural health benefits. KANA’s Cannabis Face Mask and Mamonde’s Petal Purifying Bubble Mask were great skincare help, but the “fun” of mixing our own ingredients just sometimes supersedes their actual effectiveness. Many of us have tried to replicate these recipes at home ourselves, but more often than not they’ve been disastrous.
Not only are most of them messy, they feel like they’re just resting on our skin instead of being properly absorbed. Luckily, our eyes are now peeled on the high street as Lidl, a UK-based budget supermarket, just launched the solution to our DIY woes: the Silvercrest Face Mask Maker at £34.99, a portable gadget that allows you to make sheet masks by mixing whatever ingredients you want.

Hydrogel Jelly Masks


 Jelly Mask

Unlike sheet masks made of a combination of paper, fibre, jelly, and serum, these masks are 100% ingredients. They feel thicker, certainly, but have been touted as more hydrating than usual.

How To Make Them

285964_01Lidl Silvercrest Face Mask Maker

Besides the machine, the set also comes with a face mask mould, a measuring beaker and 24 collagen tablets. Toss all the ingredients that would be best tailored to your skin type into the machine and rest the mould under its dispenser. Add a collagen tablet for that extra skin-health boost. After working its magic, a liquid will fill the mould. Let that sit for about 5 minutes for the mask to solidify before using. Not only is this kit versatile since you can get to choose whatever you want to add to it, it’s super cost effective compared to regular sheet masks that require constant top-ups.
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