LINE Challenges You And Your Friends To Battle It Out For The Weirdest Facial Expressions

Facetime was just introduced 8 years’ ago and video-calling has advanced tremendously. Now, we even have Augmented Reality (AR) and facial recognition, with Pokémon Go, Apple’s Animoji and Samsung’s new AR emoji that transforms you into your own cartoon character.
LINE has joined the AR game, launching an interactive game feature that lets you battle your friends while video-calling them. The function is aptly named Face Play, where your facial expressions and movements will help you win the game.


Face Play is just the function so there must be games that we can use for it right? LINE has released 2 games along with the launch of Face Play, BT21 Says and Monster Pop. Best of all, they’re all free! Just update your LINE app to the latest version and you’re ready to take your video calls to the next level.
If BT21 sounds familiar, they are the characters created by Korean boyband BTS with LINE FRIENDS – from developing the backstories of the characters to the merchandise that is being sold in LINE FRIENDS stores. How do you win in BT21 Says? Just imitate the characters’ expressions as they come onto the screen and collect all the BT21 characters.


Monster Pop requires you to fend off monsters using laser beams that shoot out from your eyes! This is the true representation of a strong stare. Whoever fights off the most monsters wins!


So how do you play these games? Just select the Face Play option from the “+” menu at the bottom left corner and you’re good to go. Not only can you take screenshots while playing the games, Android users can even record the games and share them to watch the whole thing again and relive the funny moments!
Because the function has just been launched, these two games are the only ones available for play at the moment but LINE has assured us that more fun Face Play games will be released soon! Maybe after all these games, our faces will look tighter and firmer from all the facial exercises that we’re doing while playing. Hey, a free facelift? Who wouldn’t want that?
* Face Play is only supported on iPhone 6 above or devices with Android 4.4 and higher.
Face Play is now available on LINE.

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Images: LINE