Bourjois Expands Its Healthy Mix Collection With A Primer, BB Cream and Powder

One of Bourjois‘ cult favourite products, the Healthy Mix Foundation from the Healthy Mix Collection, has received rave reviews as one of the most affordable drugstore foundations ever since it was launched. We’ve also tried it ourselves, and we love how the foundation doesn’t just give the impression of good skin, it is also good for your skin. The secret lies in the Healthy Mix formula, which is infused with tons of vitamins to give your skin the nutrients that it needs. After the success of the foundation, Bourjois has expanded the line to include more products with the same Healthy Mix formula so that you have more choices to prep your skin with.

foundation and concealer

Left: Healthy Mix Foundation ($29.90) in 6 shades, Right: Healthy Mix Concealer ($17.50) in 3 shades

Taking inspiration from Korean makeup, the Healthy Mix Foundation gives you semi-full coverage, resulting in a smooth, radiant yet dewy finish without coming off as too oily. To cover up any additional spots or dark under eye circles, pair it with the Healthy Mix Collection’s other hero product, the Healthy Mix Concealer which also contains loads of vitamins.

New additions to the Healthy Mix Family

But enough of the foundation and concealer; there is now much more to the Healthy Mix range. With the new expansion of Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Collection, you can now prep your face with a healthy mix of vitamins during your makeup routine.
Bourjois has added a primer, BB Cream and a powder so that you can personalise your own makeup base routine. Keeping to their affordable pricing, you don’t have to choose between a BB cream and foundation – just get both and switch them up depending on whether you want to go natural or want more full coverage. Finish off your makeup base with the Healthy Mix Powder to ensure that your skin looks its best thanks to the infusion of vitamins in the Healthy Mix formulae.
Here’s a closer look at the new additions:

bourjois primer

Healthy Mix Primer, $17.90

The Healthy Mix Primer not only acts as a base for your makeup, but also contains a mix of vitamins like Vitamin A and B5 to replenish and boost your skin’s health. The primer is tinged pink to correct any irregular colour pigmentation on your face. We liked how the primer didn’t just minimise our pores, it also made our skin instantly look slightly more radiant. Plus, the fruity fragrance smells great too.
Even on days when we’re just applying a BB Cream base, we still prime our skin as the primer fills in pores and fine lines, allowing us to achieve that flawless skin finish. Plus the primer also helps combat against shiny skin that comes with having an oily complexion, something that a lot of people suffer in this humid weather.

bourjoisbb cream

Healthy Mix BB Cream, $21.90
3 different shades

Bourjois will also be stepping into the BB Cream territory with the launch of Healthy Mix BB Cream. Available in 3 different shades, the BB cream is like a lighter foundation for good skin days, and also helps to even out colour imperfections with a semi-matte finish. Just like the primer, the BB Cream also comes with Vitamin A and B5 to firm your skin and keep it moisturised. The BB Cream also boasts an ultra-lightweight formula, and it dried in less than 5 minutes without any stickiness after application – totally suitable for our humid weather. The BB Cream also has a fruity fragrance to it, but it’s much subtler compared to the primer. After a whole day of wear, the BB Cream didn’t dry out our skin or become patchy despite being out in the sun all day.

bourjois powder

Healthy Mix Powder, $22.90
4 different shades

For those who prefer a more airbrushed look, finish off with this powder for a smooth, matte complexion. The Healthy Mix Powder is also enriched with the same mix of vitamins to combat the fatigue in your face when you set your foundation – with Vitamin C to imbue antioxidants and Vitamin B5 for moisture. We liked how sheer the powder was – there was no cakey-ness and had a very natural finish that lasts for at least 6 hours before it needed a touch-up.
The palm-sized pressed powder compact also comes with a mirror, and is perfect for those who are always needing to touch-up on the go. If you’re thinking of incorporating a powder into your makeup routine, consider starting with the Healthy Mix Powder as the powder puff gives you a more controlled application. Your skin will also thank you for all the extra vitamins that is infused into the Healthy Mix Powder formula for that daily boost of nutrients.

The entire Healthy Mix range by Bourjois is now available at selected Watsons, Guardian, Sasa and department stores.