Get Glowing With LANEIGE’s Supervegetable-Powered Skincare Range

We all know vegetables are key to a well-rounded diet, but these fibres don’t just do good for your body. Turns out, you’ll be doing your complexion a huge favour when you opt for skincare products infused with greens. Yes, we’re talking about the veggies your mum used to force into your diet – think brussels sprouts, artichokes, and watercress – except this time, they’re meant to go on your skin.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 12.08.02 PMPowered by a group of super-vegetables, LANEIGE has introduced their latest Green Mineral Water recipe that’s designed to hydrate and lock in moisture, adding 5 new products to their bestselling Water Bank skincare collection, so we can all have Lee Sung Kyung’s luminous glass skin. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

The science behind LANEIGE’s Green Mineral Water

Our skin requires essential minerals to stay in tip-top condition, but since our body’s metabolism takes precedence, an insufficient amount of minerals is able to reach our skin for cellular regeneration. This is why LANEIGE has infused 6 kinds of vegetables in its Green Mineral Water formula, which includes Garden Cress, a plant that’s rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients to shield the skin from oxidative damage, so it’s supercharged with moisture-balancing elements to hydrate and repair the skin’s protective barrier.

PSJ WatercressLANEIGE’s Green Mineral Water is formulated using their ‘Ocean Brew Method’, which starts off by immersing these veggies in deep sea waters at 15°C for five hours. The gentle osmotic pressure of the sea water extracts high concentrations of minerals over time as it ensures freshness and minimum damage, so what you’re getting here is the purest essence derived from these super-vegetables. Combined with LANEIGE’s Water Zipper technology, the green brew revitalises rough, uneven patches by minimising moisture evaporation and maximising moisture retention.

The Water Bank Skincare Collection


Formulated with a different combination of minerals and vegetables to treat try and dehydrated complexions, the refreshed range of products targets two specific skin concerns, split into two sub-categories: Moisture and Hydro. Keep reading to find out which of these Water Bank babies are recommended for your skin type.

For oily skin: Water Bank Hydro


LEFT: Water Bank Hydro Essence; $60 (70ml), $26 (30ml)
RIGHT: Water Bank Hydro Mist; $36 (150ml), $22 (70ml)

Just because your skin gets greasy mid-day doesn’t mean it’s hydrated. In fact, it could be a sign of dehydration. The Water Bank Hydro Essence contains balancing minerals such as potassium, sodium, and calcium from kale, watercress, and beet to impart lasting moisture to the skin without feeling heavy. The Water Bank Hydro Mist, too, contains the same moisture-boosting ingredients to deliver hydration in a quick spritz, soothing dry and stressed skin for a refreshing pick-me-up.

For normal/dry skin: Water Bank Moisture


LEFT: Water Bank Moisture Essence; $60 (70ml), $26 (30ml)
RIGHT: Water Bank Moisture Mist; $36 (150ml), $22 (70ml)

Moisture retention is key to keeping dry skin happy, which is why LANEIGE’s Water Bank Moisture Essence and Water Bank Moisture Mist both contain reparative minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and copper from brussels sprout, artichoke, and lima beans to seal the moisture within. Combined, these repair your skin’s moisture barrier by quenching its thirst with the signature Green Mineral Water.

For a touch of hydration: Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen


Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen, $14 (4ml)
If you ever need a fast moisture fix on-the-go, reach for the Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen. This portable product is twice as concentrated in Green Mineral Water, which has all 6 super-vegetables, compared to the accompanying items from the lineup, so it’s the perfect SOS solution for relentless, random dry patches. Simply click once to dispense and apply on parched skin for instant hydration.

LANEIGE Water Bar Pop-Up Event

WHERE: Plaza Singapura Level 1 Main Atrium
WHEN: 14 — 20 May 2018


To celebrate the launch of their reformulated Water Bank collection, LANEIGE has set up an exclusive Water Bar pop-up at Plaza Singapura’s main atrium! Here’s where you’ll get to test out all the products from the range, try on the new Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base amongst the makeup spread, and complete 4 activity zones to receive a mystery gift! Check out the video above to see what’s in store.


LANEIGE Refill Me campaign

WHEN: 4 May — 1 July 2018
WHERE: LANEIGE stores and the Water Bar Pop-Up at Plaza Singapura

Refill me bottle(3)

LANEIGE is also undertaking its third Refill Me campaign, an enriching global initiative that creates awareness for water scarcity and helps to bring clean water to the less privileged. When you purchase a bottle of Water Bank Hydro Essence (70ml) or Water Bank Moisture Essence (70ml), you won’t just receive a Refill Me bottle — LANEIGE will also donate $2, and the proceeds will go to Waterways Watch Society‘s water conservation efforts and educational programmes for tertiary students.
A recycling initiative will also be featured at the Water Bar Pop-Up located at the Plaza Singapura. Customers who bring back their existing essence or serum bottles or jars will receive $5 off the Water Bank Hydro Essence (70ml) or Moisture Essence (70ml) and a complimentary tote bag! The collected bottles and jars will be handed to Waterways Watch Society to be recycled after the event.

LANEIGE Water Bank collection, available now at all LANEIGE boutiques, counters, and on LAZADA Singapore.