Our 2018 Summer Essentials To Face The Heat

We get that it’s summer weather all year round here, but it still doesn’t stop us from welcoming the heat together with the rest of world. We love the summer season because it means that the beaches are back in dry season and (best of all) there are tons of bright, vivid launches to look forward to! Whether you’re planning a beach holiday getaway or chilling at Tanjong Beach Club, get summer-ready with these essential picks.

#1 Switch out foundation with bb cream

The most annoying thing about living in a tropical country is the humidity. Trying to stop our makeup from melting off our face is a daily battle we face when we do our makeup every morning. Instead of using a foundation, go for a bb cream as the formula is much lighter and it provides more coverage than a tinted moisturiser.
Recently, we’ve been using the Healthy Mix BB Cream from Bourjois as we’ve found that the BB Cream is super light and dries within 5 minutes of application without any sticky feeling. We also like how the BB Cream had a natural, semi-matte finish that suits a no-makeup makeup look to beat the heat. The Healthy Mix formula is infused with Vitamin A and B5 that keeps our skin nice and supple even after a whole day of wear. Oh, and the sweet, fruity fragrance from the BB Cream also helps to put us in a good mood in the morning! If you need the higher coverage that a foundation offers for bad skin days, Bourjois also carries a lightweight foundation – the Healthy Mix Foundation ($29.90) – that has a dewy, semi-matte finish.

bourjoisbb cream

Healthy Mix BB Cream from Bourjois, $21.90

#2 Guard against the sun with a pair of chic sunnies

It’s no secret that 2018 is set on looking to be the hottest ever yet – even the UK is expected to face 4 months of summer (although that pales in comparison to our 12 months of summer every year). Protect your eyes against those harmful UV rays with some sunnies. One of this year’s biggest trends is tiny sunglasses, or you can invest in a more classic design that will outlast seasons. We’ve got our eyes on these aviator sunglasses from Gentle Monster that has pink tinted lens. Stylish and useful!

Gentle Monster ranny ring

Ranny Ring 02(P) from Gentle Monster, US$260

#3 Guys wear Hawaiian shirts, girls wear Hawaiian bikinis

Nothing like summer to remind us that it’s time to visit the beach again. The summer season in the Southeast Asian region means that it is dry season, and is the best time to visit those Bali beaches. When you think of the beach, you’ll automatically think of palm trees and bright, bold colours. The PRINCESSE tam.tam x Uniqlo collection is a vivid mix of prints and patterns that evoke the tropical vibes of summer. There’s even a selection of designs for young girls so that you can couple dress like your kids. Those who haven’t been keeping to their exercise resolution will find that there are gorgeous one piece suits that can cover any unsightly mid-riff flab.


PRINCESSE tam.tam x Uniqlo

#4 Sliding on rainbows

Sliders are a very grey area as a fashion choice, but there is no doubt that slippers are one of the most comfortable and convenient footwear out there. We had our fair share of slides that have been zhnng-ed into atas looking footwear covered in luxurious fur and the satin bows, but these rainbow slides are absolutely adorable. It’s like a walking reminder that your world can be all rainbows and sunshine. Since summer is all about beach and chill, these sliders won’t look out of place on your feet at all. Just maybe keep it for the weekends.

melissa beach slides

Beach Slide 3DB Rainbow in Black and White from Melissa, $110

#5 Sunscreen it up

We’ve said this a million times, and so has every other beauty website out there, but always apply sunscreen! Especially if you know that you’re going to be spending the entire day out in the sun. Slap on that SPF all over your face and body. La Roche-Posay has a huge range of sunscreens for both adults and kids that is suitable for sensitive skin, and we like using philosophy’s take shelter that protects against the sun and premature aging. As huge makeup junkies, we know that a lot of you think reapplying sunscreen on your face without destroying your makeup is impossible. Trust us – it’s doable.


Left: take shelter from philosophy, $52 ; Right: Anthelios XL Wet Skin Lotion SPF50+ from La Roche-Posay

#6 Bold and bright, down to your nails

Grab a friend and do those manicures together whilst catching up on the latest episode of Riverdale! Salon manicures can be really overpriced, and nail brands like Sally Hansen sells gel nail polishes that can last a good couple of weeks without chipping. The Miracle Gel nail polish range from Sally Hansen doesn’t need any UV light, but it’ll still give the same volume and sheen as your salon gel manicures.
Your nails are the final touch to your summer look, and there’s nothing that screams you’re in the mood for some fun like a bright pop of colour on your hands. Also, a nice manicure is essential for that IG shot when you’re enjoying a refreshing piña colada at the beach.


“Adventure Land” collection (L-R):Adrenaline Crush; Red-y, Set, Run!; Beet, Pray Love; Wild For Violet; Swim Upstream. $16.90 each from Sally Hansen

#7 A small sling to hold our knick knacks

Talking about piña coladas, who could forget about this cute sling from kāi? The bright, yellow pineapple is the perfect bag for those summer days! Just big enough to store your wallet, phone and a couple of other makeup items for touchups, the bag works with all sorts of summery looks from beach babe to boho-chic. The bag is also big enough to store your sunglasses – we tried it to make sure! The boxy shape also means that you don’t have to worry about breaking your sunnies when someone accidentally sits on your bag.


Pineapple bag from kāi, $88.80

Other than bags and pouches, kāi also has adorable sticker packs full of punny quotes and cute squiggles that make for cute decoration on phone cases and laptops. This summer, they’ve also partnered up with Bourjois to create a limited edition sticker pack for a daily dose of cute vita-me to remind you to keep yourself healthy.


kai stickers

Bourjois x kāi limited edition sticker pack

To get your hands on the limited edition sticker pack, you have to spend at least $50 on Bourjois products from Watsons or Guardian, and message a photo of your receipt to Bourjois on Facebook. Then sit back on the beach and wait for the stickers to be mailed to you.