Travel Along The Silk Road With BONIA’s SS18 Collections

Behind every product or collection, there is always a source of inspiration that guides and pulls the whole thing together. BONIA’s Spring/Summer collection is no different. Inspired by the rich history and mesmerising visuals found along the Silk Road, the luxury brand has created elegant and modern bags that weave in various patterns, materials and motifs that evoke stories from the legendary trading route that connected the East and West.
For Spring/Summer 2018, BONIA has released a number of bag collections, each representing various elements along the historical Silk Road. Shall we start this journey along the Silk Road?


We know of the spices, tea, porcelain, and, of course, silk, that were traded along the Silk Road but we must not leave out precious Chinese pearls that were purchased by the wealthy and even royalty. They remain a great symbol of wealth and power no matter whether it’s past, present or future.
The Lexington Pearla Collection is an extension of the chic shoulder bags from the Lexington Collection. The lightweight and simple design is embellished with pearls and floral details along the bag’s front, flap and shoulder strap, resulting in a more elegant and dainty design.

Lexington Pearla Collection Shoulder Bags
If you prefer more streamline silhouettes, the Nitza Pearla Collection features the same embellished pearl design on an elongated shoulder bag, with a thinner shoulder strap to balance out the extra length. These bags are versatile and easily paired with any outfit, making them perfect for both formal events and casual dates.

Nitza Pearla Collection Shoulder Bags 

Floral Landscapes

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 5.46.57 PM
When it comes to Spring/Summer collections, we can never leave out floral motifs and pastel colours. Many of us think of desert landscapes and barren land when we visualise the Silk Road but the route was actually lined with fields of exotic flowers that mesmerised merchants and travellers.
The Blossoming Collection perfectly conveys the brightness and vibrancy of blooming fields using tonal palettes and placement of the floral leather details. For a touch of elegance, white pearls dot the centre of the flowers for a fun, yet sophisticated, bag. If you’re looking for a bag that you can bring anywhere and everywhere, the versatility of the tote will work wonders for you. On the other hand, we would save the bucket bag for more casual occasions.

Blossoming Collection Tote Bags and Bucket Bags
If you’re a huge floral fan but prefer more subtle floral motifs, we highly recommend the Botanica Collection. The floral appliqués come in an array of shapes and textures to mirror the variety of exotic flowers found along the Silk Road, from the desert landscapes to the Chinese court. The shoulder straps of the bags are adorned with flowers for a cohesive floral theme.

Botanica Collection Shoulder Bags 

Lacquer ornaments

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 5.51.08 PM
The lacquer painting technique consisted of layering bright colours atop each other to create abstract and avant garde patterns. Lacquer material was used to a cover temples in China because of its ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions. It was soon used for furniture and gradually focused on the ornamental field. Inspired by the lacquer technique, BONIA’s Milione Collection consists of bold but delicate flowers created by layering colours for an artistic and simple design.

Milione Collection Shoulder Bags 


BONIA’s Missie Tale Collection takes inspiration from the owl – an animal that represents sight and ancient wisdom but also an animal that is extremely popular amongst people today. In the collection, the owl takes on a cute persona and transforms into smaller objects like coin pouches, a pouch that’s big enough for your iPad and a regular size pouch for your handphone, your cards and some cash.
The patchwork leather pieces come in a muted palette, accented with gold hardware along the zippers for a luxurious but casual accessory. We’d definitely pair these with a light flowy dress or a pastel outfit and throw in some sneakers or flats for a young but sophisticated look.

Missie Tale Collection Coin Pouch 

Missie Tale Collection iPad-sized Pouch and Regular Pouch

We’re loving the bright colours and the variety of motifs used in these collections. Not only do we get a bag that’s beautiful, elegant and versatile, the inspiration behind the collection makes a great conversation starter, as well.
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Images: BONIA