We Need These Spectrum X Disney The Little Mermaid Makeup Brushes To Be Part Of Our Lives Pronto

These days, your makeup products can’t just help you look good; they need to look cute themselves too. Sure, bougie brushes from Bobbi Brown might feel luxurious on your skin, but none can make you feel quite as complete as a special themed brush. Like that of a futuristic lightsaber-shaped one, or one fashioned to look like a magical wand from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. And now, we have a Little Mermaid collection (*swoons) for all those hoping to look like the ever-flawless Ariel. Or a badass sea witch — whichever floats your boat.

The collection comes courtesy of the new collaboration between Disney and United Kingdom-based makeup brand Spectrum. In it, you’ll find makeup brushes kept in treasure chests and seashells, and in colours from Ariel’s signature blue-red, to Ursula’s sultry purple.
“We love the Disney Villains! And we didn’t want to make the range all about the princesses. Firstly, the villains are just as colourful, and usually in the animations they’re the ones who wear more dramatic makeup, which is better from a design point of view,” said Spectrum founders and sisters Hannah and Sophie Pycroft, in an interview with Cosmopolitan.
With that came the Ursula Shell with 10-piece Brush Set (£79.99, $142.74), featuring a two-tone gold and purple glitter handle deep purple ferrule and lilac bristles. The case also comes in a mesmerising iridescent purple conch shell that we just cannot stop staring at.
But what’s sending our hearts fluttering is the Ariel Shell with 10-piece Brush Set (£79.99, $142.74). The brushes, which include a flat top buffer, oval concealer, angled brow, and small fan brush, come in a sea blue glitter handle with aquamarine ferrule and coral bristles. The exterior is a clamshell made with vegan leather and pearl studs for the ultimate under-the-sea chic look.

Fans might also recognise the Ariel Chest and Dinglehopper Set (£99.99, $178.43). “The chest and Dinglehopper brushes were actually directly inspired by the clip in the film where Ariel opens up a briefcase in her treasure cave and reveals her collection of thingamabobs. It sparked the idea for brushes in a chest-like style and we translated it into the Treasure Chest,” said the founders. The Dinglehopper brushes include a foundation, contour, blush, highlight, and concealer brush.

Also in the collection is the Ariel Makeup Bag, Ursula Makeup Bag, and the Dinglehopper 5-Piece Brush Set. The Spectrum X Disney The Little Mermaid range will be launching on 31 May, on Spectrum’s website.
According to their website, it’s mentioned that the products are only available for customers in the UK and Ireland due to licensing restrictions. But if Ariel taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t give up just that easily for the things we love. That, and we also have the option of peer-to-peer delivery.

The Spectrum X Disney The Little Mermaid collection drops 31 May on Spectrum’s website.
All images from Spectrum