You’ll Love The Streetwear Vibes of Swatch’s Neon-Inspired Watches

Swatch is the kind of brand that needs no introduction. You know what it’s about instantly — fun, cheeky, yet super functional watches that stand the test of time. Well, both in terms of the Swiss brand’s watchmaking expertise, and their sheer knowledge of good design, the kind that’s still as relevant today as it was when we were still saving up for our first cool timepiece (which happens to be a Swatch). Then again, they’re purveyors of how great design doesn’t have to come at a price; we dare you to find a quality watch of this calibre that’s just as wallet-friendly.

With that in mind, we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for Spring/Summer. We’ve talked about the Mediterranean Views collection earlier and how it dives into nautical inspirations, including an adorable pocket watch that looks like a seafarer’s compass, but of course, Swatch has more up their sleeves. Just take a look at The Swatch Vibe collection here.

The Swatch Vibe


If you’re thinking colourful, graphic watches that are perfect for everyday wear, we feel you. Part of ‘Glow Vibe’, these see clean silhouettes and design codes, but defy your typical minimalist timepiece — you won’t find a standard watch with interchangeable straps, but one that’s uniquely tailor-made, whether it’s a futuristic watch face or fluorescent straps, some of which have glow-in-the-dark or tactile 3D details. Neon colour blocks dominate the lively collection, and the designs actually feel active, buzzing with energy, in a way that gets you moving.


There are also the ‘X-Vibe’ pieces that are refreshed editions of iconic Swatch models. It could be sporty-looking chronographs that are sure to please those who like their watches touch and chunky, or flexible pieces in bold colours and a statement X on the dial.

The great thing about these silicone watches is that you can take them anywhere, even if you’re out rollerblading, skateboarding or rockclimbing, and still trust that they’ll be able to survive the elements. Or, bust them out when you’ve got a fun outfit planned that day; the pops of colour add a quirky element to even the most casual of get-ups, so imagine what they’d do on a more imaginative streetwear palette.

For some inspiration, we’ve gone ahead and picked out some of our favourites.


Swatch Around The Strap, $103

It’s time you glow up! Blaze the trail, straight into the future, with some fluoro power on your wrist — with matte black across both the silicone strap and dial, it’s the perfect base for the neon blue, yellow and pink lines that streak across the watch. Simple maybe, but boring? Nah, we’re getting major Tron vibes with this one.


Swatch Accecante, $82

Here to invade our senses is this showstopping shot of a neon yellow strap that’ll immediately catch anyone’s eye, if you’re daring enough to flaunt it. The bold attitude goes further with an electric blue dial, paired with bright green contrasts, as well as accents of hot pink across both the buckle and watch hands. Go ahead and show it off — you definitely won’t want to keep this under wraps.


Swatch Pinkdots, $82

If pink’s always been a soft and feminine shade to you, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how Swatch has amped up the sweet shade. To help us all turn up on the dot, you’ll spot a series of perfectly arranged pink polka dots on a white silicone strap, now bright and eccentric — perfect for those with a Yayoi Kusama obsession, or simply someone who appreciates quirky design.

Swatch Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Available at all Swatch stores and online at