Interview: Designer Kate Moross Talks About Her Mickey Mouse Collab With Uniqlo

You may have seen her work around — bold and colourful, each art piece showcases freeform lettering and her unique brand of typography. London-based illustrator and designer, Kate Moross, is best known for her distinctive doodles and squiggles; and it’s clear that she doesn’t shy away from bright colours as well, whether it’s in her hair or her body of work.

Aside from being the Director of the award-winning Studio Moross, Kate has also worked on projects with Cadbury, Topshop, Parklife Festival, and even designed One Direction’s tour visuals.


Taken from Kate Moross’ (@katemoross) Instagram

Growing up, you’d definitely be familiar with the cheery Mickey Mouse too. And it’s here that the two icons collide — or rather, align. Our favourite childhood character’s now given a new lease of life by Kate, a self-confessed Disney fan, who has collaborated with Uniqlo (our favourite place to shop for basics) for the highly-anticipated LOVE & MICKEY MOUSE COLLECTION.

Some of the Women’s designs
Some of the Kids’ Designs

The LOVE & MICKEY MOUSE COLLECTION comprises of eight delightful designs for Women and five for Kids. Do not let the categories fool you though, the artist has mentioned that it is a unisex collection. Here’s what else Kate has to say about working on the collection:


Designer Kate Moross

What inspired you to create such designs for this collection? Out of all the cartoon characters, why did you choose Mickey Mouse?

The collection was based around Mickey, mostly. But I work exclusively with Mickey across the whole collection and that was something that Uniqlo and I both agreed and wanted to focus on.


Taken from Kate Moross’ (@katemoross) Instagram

Doodles and squiggles are your trademark design, how did that come about?

Exactly as it sounds! Doodling and squiggling. I’m quite simple when I’m creating works, I just like to draw and make marks. And that’s the process in which I like to illustrate. I use those elements and typography to create designs from the collection, so I managed to find my own way of interpreting Mickey Mouse.


Taken from Kate Moross’ (@katemoross) Instagram

How would you describe your art? What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

I would describe it as expressive, and playful. I’ve got lots of experience; I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years. That’s the only thing that makes me different from someone else. I think my typography is definitely something that people know me for and recognise from, the way I draw an “E” or something. They can tell that that’s me who drew the E, and it’s in my DNA. I can’t really separate it, no one can copy it because it is my signature.


Taken from Kate Moross’ (@katemoross) Instagram

What’s your greatest accomplishment or proudest moment so far?

I mean, this is not a fake answer, but doing the Mickey Mouse Collection has been on my list forever. I still haven’t realised that it is real. ‘Cause I think it is one thing to work with a brand like Uniqlo and make a collection, and it’s another thing to do it with a character and a brand that you’ve admired your whole life. And it’s another thing for it to be a global collection so I think it doesn’t feel quite real.

Would you go ‘museum-hopping’?

I’m not really into going to museums, I don’t know why! I don’t know, I like to go see specific shows, so only if it’s a one person show and it’s curated for that thing. I’d go to a modern art museum sometimes but I tend to not spend too much time walking around galleries and art museums. I prefer supermarkets.


Kate working on the live mural at Uniqlo Orchard

What’s a piece of advice that you would give to fellow creatives?

I always say to people that they should confront the things they think are going to be the hardest. ‘Cause a lot of the time, the worst thing that could happen is for it to not have happened at all. So many people are afraid of putting their work online or to approach somebody about working on a collection and I’m always like, just go for it! The worst that is going to happen is no one’s going to see it or no one is going to reply and either of these things are really not going to hurt you in any way. And the benefits massively outweigh the potential negatives.


What’s the most impactful thing that someone has said to you?

I think, “you don’t realise how much you change as you get older”, as I have definitely learnt a lot from the mistakes I’ve made. Also, there is a really good piece of advice: “It is better to have a hole in your team than an asshole in your team.” In the commercial creative world, you have your ideas rejected all the time as well. So that’s why I love design, because it’s always challenging and always pushing you.

Which is your favourite design from the LOVE & MICKEY MOUSE COLLECTION?

*Points at the shirt she is wearing* This one! Because it is so colourful.


$19.90 for Women’s and $14.90 for Kids’
Available at all Uniqlo stores from 3 Sept and online.