Shiseido’s New Collection Reinvents The Concept of Beauty

Let’s face it, after years of having Korean beauty in the limelight, the current kitsch K-beauty hype has become a little dull. Declaring a more refined and minimalistic approach, industry experts have decided that it was time to put Japanese Beauty on the roll call.

With skincare being at the root of J-Beauty, more focus is put on everyday prevention for the skin. And of course, who doesn’t want to achieve that milky or porcelain-like skin look that models like Lauren Tsai and Kiko Mizuhara are blessed with — we know we do. Pioneering the J-Beauty train is none other than the global brand that prides itself with makeup and skincare — SHISEIDO.

Think — bold colours, transformative textures and unsurpassed quality. SHISEIDO’S new collection drops with more than 20 products and 135 shades to best fit every individual.

In line with Lazada SG’s Super Brand Day, we’ve got the inside scoop on the latest collection that’s set to launch exclusively online this Friday, August 17, only on Lazada SG, and nowhere else. So make sure to set your alarms when it drops!


Four different textures – Dews, Gels, Inks and Powders


Shiseido’s New Makeup Collection

With a history that spans more than 140 years, SHISEIDO started off as a pharmaceutical brand and has transformed into a household name with its niche in Japanese beauty. So it’s certainly exciting when such a storied brand completely rehauls their entire makeup collection!

SHISEIDO’s relaunch has taken the world by storm with the introduction of their new line of products made with breakthrough technology in Japan that’s rooted in rich heritage. We absolutely love how lightweight their packaging is and the fact that their new line comes in four revolutionary textures — Dews, Gels, Powders and Inks.

You heard that right! Their new mantra “Beauty reimagined. Beauty made with soul.” has evidently been reflected in their new line of products — switching up the game in the world of beauty.

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SHISEIDO’s Aura Dew in 01 Lunar [$38] for Eyes, Face and Lips.
Get your skin to glow from inside out with SHISEIDO’s newest reinvented texture — Dews. This newcomer has indeed taken all of us by surprise with its ultra-fine rose, silver and gold Japanese pearls made with light optic technology, that illuminate and meld seamlessly into your skin. What we love most about this number is how versatile and lightweight it is upon application and fits perfectly as a sheer lip shimmer, to brighten the eyes as an eyeshadow or even a highlighter if you’re transforming your look from day to night!

Here’s a closer look at the Aura Dew pots that comes in 3 different shades – Lunar, Solar and Cosmic.

SHISEIDO Aura Dew Swatch on Different Skin Tones. Available in three shades – (from top) 01 Lunar, 02 Solar, 03 Cosmic.




ShadowGel Stick in 010 Tiger’s Eye [$38]. Available in ten shades – (from top) 01 Moon Beam, 02 Golden Gift, 03 Rock Garden, 04 Zen Glow, 05 Black Tea, 06 Meiji Bronze, 07 Sandalwood Smoke, 08 Courtesan, 09 Imperial Violet, and 010 Tiger’s Eye.
Get starry-eyed with SHISEIDO’s ShadowGel Stick range. Inspired from both ancient and modern Japan, this favourite comes in 10 different shades. The introduction of this revolutionary ShadowGel Stick makes prep time a little shorter with one glide and just a tad bit of blending with your fingers — voila!


Colorgel lipbalm

SHISEIDO’s ColorGel LipBalm in 104 Hibiscus [$46]. Available in 9 shades (from top left) – 101 Gingko, 102 Narcissus, 103 Peony, 104 Hibiscus, 105 Poppy, 106 Redwood, 107 Dahlia, 108 Lotus, 109 Wisteria and 110 Juniper.
Formulated with SHISEIDO’s Patented Humectant Technology, the ColorGel’ LipBalm range offers comforting moisture — leaving the lips soft and supple after every use. Goodbye to chapped lips! Not to mention, it’s so lightweight that it will make you forget you were wearing anything!

SHISEIDO’s ColorGel LipBalm Swatch

Psst, the lip balms are made of buildable pigments that’ll give a pop of colour that goes with almost every look.

visionairy lipstick

SHISEIDO’s VisionAiry Lipstick [$36] in 209 Incense.
SHISEIDO’s VisionAiry Lipstick [$36] in 209 Incense. Available in 28 shades – 201 Cyber Beige, 202 Bullet Train, 203 Night Rose, 204 Scarlet Rush, 205 Pixel Pink, 206 Botan, 207 Pink Dynasty, 208 Streaming Mauve, 209 Incense, 210 J-Pop, 211 Rose Muse, 212 Woodblock, 213 Neon Buzz, 214 Pink Flash, Future Shock, Vortex, 217 Coral Pop, 218 Volcanic, 219 Firecracker, 220 Lantern Red, 221 Code Red, 222 Ginza Red, Shizuka Red, 224 Noble Plum, 225 High Rise, 226 Cherry Festival, 227 Sleeping Dragon and 228 Metropolis.
For something less sheer and more pigmented, SHISEIDO’s VisionAiry Gel Lipstick range is worth the shot. It comes in SHISEIDO’s signature bullet packaging that looks chic and sleek — perfect for the modern “career woman”. Made with Triple Gel Technology, these lippies help to transform and hydrate lips, and comes in 28 different shades!




SHISEIDO’s Brow InkTrio [$45]. Available in four shades – 01 Blonde, 02 Taupe, 03 Deep Brown and 04 Ebony.
We all know how important it is to always have our eyebrows filled before walking out of the house. This first contender from the Ink range is a prime example of how weightless and convenient SHISEIDO’s packaging has come into play in this new collection. Perfect your look with the Brow InkTrio pencil that’s multi-functional to correct, shape and extend brows as natural as possible. Formulated to be sweat-proof, smudge-proof and water-resistant, the BrowInk Trio adds depth to the arches and produces hair-like strokes that lasts for eight hours. Talk about eyebrows on fleek!


SHISEIDO’s ArchLiner Ink in 01 Shibui Black [$45].
Having trouble perfecting that winged eye look? The ArchLiner Ink features an ergonomically designed angled micro tip that eases the load off drawing that winged tip that we all want to achieve in one single stroke. This 24-hour waterproof eyeliner also promises no smudging and comes saturated with ultra-black pigments that’ll make your eyes more defined than ever!


SHISEIDO’s ImperialLash Mascara Ink Waterproof [$50]. Available in 01 Sumi Black and 01 Sumi Black Waterproof.
While we may not all be blessed with long and fluttery eyelashes, we may seek help from SHISEIDO’s ImperialLash Mascara Ink Mascara. Featuring a dual application system, this mascara was designed to deliver definition with one swipe. And forget about it getting clumped because the bristles on this mascara is made from a new soft silicone material that’s incomparable to any of the mascaras on the market today. Aside from that, it’s also guaranteed to last 12 hours without smudging, especially with Singapore’s humid weather.

SHISEIDO’s MicroLiner Ink in 04 Navy [$38].
Available in five shades – 01 Black, 02 Brown, 03 Plum, 04 Navy and 05 White.

The unrelenting Singapore heat has made it such a struggle for all of us to find the perfect eyeliner. The most annoying thing would have to be your oily eyelids ruining your makeup game leaving you raccoon-eyed for the rest of the day instead of looking at your best. Now, thanks to SHISEIDO, our worries have been put to rest. Transforming from solid to liquid upon coming into contact with skin, the MicroLiner Ink range creates a water-resistant film that offers up to 24 hours of wear!

SHISEIDO’s Kajal InkArtist [$38] | Shadow, Liner, Brow. Available in 01 Tea House, 02 Lilac Lotus, 03 Rose Pagoda, 04 Azuki Red, 05 Plum Blossom, 06 Birodo Green, 07 Sumi Sky, 08 Gunjo Blue, 09 Nippon Noir and 10 Kabuki White.

Switching it up a notch is SHISEIDO’s Kajal InkArtist. This multi-functional piece is literally an “everything pencil”. It’s a liner, a kajal, an eyeshadow and a brow filler! What more could you ask for? For something a little more daring, choose from a range of 10 shades — with each shade name taking on inspiration from evocative imagery and icons of ancient and modern Japan, such as Gunjo Blue and Azuki Red.



SHISEIDO’s LacquerInk LipShine range [$46] (from top left) 301 Lilac Strobe, 302 Plexi Pink, 303 Mirror Mauve, 304 Techno Red, 305 Red Flicker, 306 Coral Spark, 307 Scarlet Glare, 308 Patent Plum, 309 Optic Rose, 310 Honey Flash, 311 Vinyl Nude and 312 Electro Peach.
For a pout that’s durable and hydrating, SHISEIDO brings it home with a high-intensity pigmented lip shine that’s weightless without the feeling of it feeling dry or sticky. Its concave and flocked doe foot also makes application on the lips easier for perfect kissable lips that boys can’t resist.



SHISEIDO’s Essentialist Eye Palette in Jizoh Street Reds [$60]
SHISEIDO’s Essentialist Eye Palette Shades (from top left) 01 Miyuki Street Nudes, 02 Platinum Street Metals, 03 Namiki Street Nature, 04 Kaigan Street Waters, 05 Kotto Street Vintage, 06 Hanatsubaki Street Nightlife, 07 Cat Street Pops and 08 Jizoh Street Reds.

A pioneer in the Powder category, SHISEIDO never fails to impress us with their wide range of eye palettes — this time, with a weightless formula and intense colour payoff. Our favourite would have to be SHISEIDO’s Essentialist Eye Palette in Jizoh Street Reds, that juxtaposes any look with a dash of colour!



SHISEIDO’s ModernMatte Powder Lipstick in 505 Peep Show [$46]. Available in twenty-four shades – 501 Jazz Den, 502 Whisper, 503 Nude Streak, 504 Thigh High, 505 Peep Show, 506 Disrobed, 507 Murmur, 508 Semi Nude, 509 Flame, 510 Night Life, 511 Unfiltered, 512 Sling Back, 513 Shock Wave, 514 Hyper Red, 515 Mellow Drama, 516 Exotic Red, 517 Rose Hip, 518 Selfie, 519 Fuchsia Fetish, 520 After Hours, 521 Nocturnal, 522 Velvet Rope, 523 Majo and 524 Dark Fantasy.

As one of Editor-in-Chief, Adele Chan’s, favourite pick of the week, the Powder Lipstick is hands down one of the products that’ll change the way you see lipsticks forever. This newly reinvented lipstick is ideally a prime example of your favourite MLBB product. It glides on smoothly and it doesn’t feel dry or flaky on the lips too!


SHISEIDO’s InnerGlow Cheek Powder in 02 Twilight Hour [$56].
Available in ten shades – 01 Inner Light, 02 Twilight Hour, 03 Floating Rose, 04 Aura Pink, 05 Solar Haze, 06 Alpen Glow, 07 Cocoa Dusk, 08 Berry Dawn, 09 Ambient White, and 10 Medusa Pink.

Add some flush to your cheeks with this number by SHISEIDO. This new blush and highlighter hybrid adds colour and vibrancy to any look and nails the kawaii look that J-Beauty prides itself with.


SHISEIDO’s Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush [$48]
Available in eight shades – 01 Sonoya, 02 Chiyoko, 03 Momoko, 04 Eiko, 05 Ayao, 06 Sayoko, 07 Setsuko and 08 Kokei.Prefer something more creamy? This WhippedPowder Blush comes off like a mousse with a soft matte finish that’ll make you look extra dreamy. Our must-have for the best flirty makeup for any date night!


SHISEIDO’S new line of brushes(from left) MARU FUDE Multi Face Brush [$60], YANE HAKE Precision Eye Brush [$34], DAIYA FUDE Face Duo [$65], HASU FUDE Foundation Brush [$55], and NANAME FUDE Multi Eye Brush [$40].
Aside from its new line of makeup, SHISEIDO has also released their own set of makeup brushes. Made from SHISEIDO’s very own Hidden Core Technology, these brushes are made with bristles that are one of its kind and we absolutely love their black packaging that goes hand in hand with its makeup line.


DAIYA FUDE Face Duo [$65]
If we had to pick one of our favourite brushes from this collection then this one deserves a shoutout – the DAIYA FUDE Face Duo. With a tapered contour brush that helps to contour and blend creams and concealers seamlessly, the other end of this unique brush features a gel blender that’s best for liquids and cushion formulas. How multifunctional!

Launching exclusively on Lazada SG this Friday, August 17, SHISEIDO will be removing all of its existing products from its current makeup line sold online as well as its retail outlets in Singapore. Actual sales of SHISEIDO’s new collection will commence on September 1 at all retail outlets.


SHISEIDO’s new makeup collection will be available exclusively on Lazada this Friday, August 17, and will be available in stores islandwide from Saturday, September 1 onwards. Visit for more info. #LazadaXSHISEIDOSuperBrand