The Girl Who Travels Solo…And Takes Incredible Photos!

I admire girls who travel solo. I think they are really brave, adventurous, and interesting. Travelling alone around the world is something I would never do — I don’t see a need to, but honestly, it’s because it scares the hell out of me. I have a need to have people I know around me; not necessarily to talk to them, but to just know there’s someone there that I know when I’m in a foreign land.

Anyway, now that the world is so connected, it’s getting more common for girls to travel by themselves. I know at least four girls who do this (one of them being my sister!). And since tomorrow (Sunday 19 August 2018) is World Photography Day, I want to shine the spotlight on a friend who has spent the past year jet-setting around the globe, ticking off the “Wonders of the World” from her bucket list. She also happens to take amazing photos along the way — of landscapes, food, and herself on the road!

And… she’s none other than ROZZ! I was going through Rozz’s Instagram feed and noticed that she has a few cameras in her arsenal: the Canon EOS M6, DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro Hero 5, and the iPhone X. I’m particularly impressed by her photos #shotoniphonex. This girl really knows how to compose her pictures, edit them on the spot, and post them live! Follow her on Instagram and join me in living vicariously through her travel photos! (She also has wonderfully informative descriptions of her pictures.)

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Rozz’s current location: Siberia

Rozz’s most recent post sees her in Mongolia:
Trust her to notice these things:

She tells me that this photo was taken by her guide: (That’s right. Need a photo of yourself when you’re alone? Ask the tour guide. Cos you know he ain’t gonna steal your iPhone.)

She has a great eye for colour:

Definitely visit her Instagram to see her other pictures taken in Bhutan (there’s even a video of her crying):

The following are from her trip to the North Pole. I have many girlfriends who follow her on Instagram and were inspired by this particular trip of hers! They want to go as well, but you know… it’s rather expensive:


Rozz looking super cool in Tokyo (naturally):

Apart from her amazing travels, Rozz is a foodie! I’ve personally discovered a few restaurants and hawkers from her postings:

To be honest, I worry when I imagine her travelling alone to India. Good thing she had her brother with her on this trip:

Just look at her photo editing skills… she should be the one giving workshops:

This one was taken in Mexico City:

And this one in Peru:

I particularly love these photos she took in LA; they really demonstrate the capabilities of the iPhone X’s camera:

Here she is in Hong Kong earlier this year:

She spent New Year’s Day in New Zealand (great choice!):

And one final photo of her in the Philippines:

All photos above taken by Rozz, and used with her permission for this article.
And #shotoniphonex.