Who Runs The World?! Mongchin Does.

If that Beyonce song was the first thing to run through your mind, we’ll start by saying, yeah, us too. But in between those WHO RUN DA WORLD stanzas in your head, we’ve got other news: LIFETIME’s TV show Who Runs The World With Mong Chin really does involve running.


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Beauty and fashion influencer Mongchin Yeoh, going by the Instagram handle of @mongabong, takes on multiple countries in LIFETIME’s new series. It’s a travel show with a special fitness element. The show features Mong’s journey of 6 runs in 6 different countries, over 8 weeks. Yep. 6 RUNS. We’re gulping in apprehension too.

Before we delve into more though, make sure you check out the teaser videos to get in on all the hype.



That’s already pretty impressive, but you’ll be more so impressed to know that Mong is a rookie runner (read: she’s just like most of us), so this is no small feat. But of course, she’ll get a little help from various personalities from each country, which include musicians, fashion designers, food bloggers and the like. That means colourful encounters…and a span of diverse experiences,  from receiving a pair of really #dope leggings from a designer, or embarking on a delicious carbo-loading experience.

Other than adrenaline-rushing outdoor activities, the show will also screen other heart-racing activities, such as, checking out the best grill eateries in town. Yessss.

This one sounds like a truly action-packed show, and we’re also excited for the all the in-betweens —from navigating KL’s traffic in a Lamborghini, to travelling to a scenic waterfall in Lombok, or an exploration at Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

At the same time, Mong will be vlogging her experiences down, in the true spirit of an influencer. Check out some of the posted vlogs here.



With this series, we get to live a little vicariously through Mong’s eyes. I mean, taking part in Songkran? Trying Vietnam’s unqiue pho cocktail? Yes, yes and more yesses. Bucket-list worthy things to try.

The past few episodes have already been packed with tons of activities, like  Songkran, meeting Malaysian rapper Zamaera and Mong’s mermaid experience. Mong even took part in a murder mystery party in Hanoi (just a game, don’t worry).


Mong Chin in Hanoi, Vietnam.


This is not to forget the crux of the show: Mong also took part in runs in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. More prominent ones include The Hash Run where Mong had to follow a trail of flour to distinguish the real route from the false ones.

There’s more to look forward to moving on from here so we’ll give you a really quick rundown of the next few episodes.


Mong in Lombok, Indonesia.


In Lombok, Indonesia, Mong takes part in a beginners’ run in the hills around Mount Rinjani. Talk about a run with a view! She also tries her hand (or mertail) at being a mermaid for a day.



In Singapore, she takes part in the ILLUMI Run, and also gets to try some moves with the cast of Toruk: The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil, which includes action like boomerang-throwing or kite flying.


Mong in Singapore.

Last but not least, she takes on the Spartan Sprint in the Spartan Race Cebu in the Phillipines, and this includes mud, barbed wire and FIRE. Now that’s hot.


Mong in Cebu, Philippines.


Whatever we’ve listed here isn’t even exhaustive, and there’s much more to get excited about when you catch the show on Monday nights.

Who runs the world?! Mongchin does.


WHO RUNS THE WORLD WITH MONG CHIN is airing now on Lifetime, Mondays at 9.30pm, Singtel TV Ch 302 and StarHub TV Ch 514. 

For more information, you can check out the show here.

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