Find Your Signature Scent In Karl Lagerfeld’s Les Parfums Matières Collection

Karl Lagerfeld’s one of those designers who lives and breathes fashion. The designer has his own namesake line, in addition to being the head designer for two luxury brands and countless other side activities. Karl doesn’t even break a sweat as he churns out collection after collection like an endless bank of ideas. Everything is an inspiration to him, whether it’s pop culture, street vibes or even the history of a culture.

Recently, Karl Lagerfeld took to his personal Instagram to reveal two new fragrances for fall, and we’re already looking forward to spraying them all over ourselves.



The new duo fragrances, named Fleur De Mûrier and Bois De Yuzu, joins the Les Parfums Matières Collection. If there’s anything that his previous fragrances have told us, it’s that Lagerfeld loves light, full-bodied scents, and we can expect the same from the new launches.

The Les Parfums Matières Collection by Karl Lagerfeld

In his signature fashion, Karl Lagerfeld sets out to redefine scents in his Les Parfums Matières Collection, where he shines the spotlight on one ingredient and shapes it into a fragrance by focusing on its richness and contrasts. Currently in the Les Parfums Matières Collection is Fleur De Pêcher, a floral musky eau de parfum, and Bois De Vétiver, a woody fresh eau de toilette.

Left: Fleur De Pêcher, Right: Bois De Vétiver

The fragrances come in a simple, yet elegant transparent tinted glass bottle that will look classy on any vanity table. Fleur De Pêcher is Karl’s take on the classic peach blossom, which is often used in fruity fragrances. Instead of making a really sweet peach fragrance, Karl balances out the sweetness with notes of jasmine tea, Nashi pear, woods and musk for a musky, fruity aroma. A breath of fresh air, this fragrance is intended for the sophisticated woman who is bold yet elegant.

Over on the other side, Karl Lagerfeld has a more masculine and equally light fragrance for the guys. Bois De Vétiver is an even muskier scent that revolves around sandalwood, and has notes of pink grapefruit, mint, musk and rose. Even though it’s a woody fragrance, Bois De Vétiver is not harsh at all, which makes it the perfect everyday scent. Intense yet subtle, guys will love this scent.

Come end September, Karl Lagerfeld will be dropping two new fragrances: Fleur De Mûrier and Bois De Yuzu. From the names, you can easily guess which ingredients those perfumes drew their inspiration from.

Fleur De Mûrier

Let’s take a whiff at the Fleur De Mûrier first, where the fragrance name translates directly to blackberry blossom. While we’re more familiar with the delicious blackberries which make a splendid pie, blackberry blossoms have a deep, evocative smell that draws people to it.

Fleur De Mûrier, 100ml

In Fleur De Mûrier, the blackberry blossom takes centerstage and is tinged with hints of currant and raspberry for a splash of fruity floral notes when you first spray it on. You won’t find the scent overpoweringly sweet as the fragrance is balanced with creamy musk and sandalwood. Exuding femininity and boldness, Fleur De Mûrier gives off strong power lady vibes without making you seem too overpowering. In fact, we’ll even say that the scent might be a little unfamiliar, but is still intriguing enough to draw you in, just like a bee to a blackberry tree.

Bois De Yuzu

For the boys, Karl Lagerfeld turns to one of our favourite summer fruits; the refreshing yuzu. While yuzu has appeared in a few of Karl Lagerfeld’s past fragrances, this time it finally gets the spotlight in his latest fragrance.

Bois De Yuzu, 100ml

The citrus-based scent cuts sharp with mandarin and frosted ginger notes, before settling into a yuzu, woody base infused with sage and papyrus. At heart, Bois De Yuzu is a slow, heavy fragrance bursting with masculine elegance that easily works as well in the day as it does transiting into a scent perfect for afterwork shenanigans. While a fruity scent might not be a guy’s first choice for a fragrance, Bois De Yuzu might just be the one to change your mind. And if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up after a long day, the Bois De Yuzu also comes in a deodorant stick form so you can freshen up on the go.

If you’re keen on sampling any of the perfumes for yourself, head down to your nearest TANGS, Metro, Robinsons and Takashimaya Shopping Centre to receive a complimentary sample (while stocks last, of course).


Karl Lagerfeld Les Parfum Matieres collection retails at $69 for 100ml and $40 for 50ml, available at SASA and leading departmental stores.