Shiseido WASO’s New Masks Are Fun Hacks For All Night Owls

In this day and age, sleep is something that we all lack. Be it due to working overtime at the office or studying hard for school, we just can’t seem to get enough shut-eye. Well, it is called beauty sleep for a reason — skimp on sleep and your complexion will look drab.

As a millennial myself, I’m always sourcing for the perfect remedy for my troubled, tired skin. Concealers may mask dark eye circles, but I found out that there is something more efficient and pretty darn close to a full night of rest. I came to this revelation when I was handed the new Shiseido WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask and Beauty Sleeping Mask.

WASO might be foreign to some people, as it is a new product range introduced by Shiseido. Inspired by holistic and natural Japanese food, key ingredients include: carrot, tofu, honey and loquat leaf. Sounds cool right? After all, skin products are food for our skin!

The moment I got my hands on the products, I was filled with awe. Where should I start? The fact that they are in brightly contrasting colours? (Pink and green!) Or the fact that they both smell oh-so-good?



I’ll start with this one, Shiseido WASO’s bright pink Purifying Peel Off Mask, which contains key ingredients such as Shiso Leaf Extract, Peony Root Extract and Anti-Pollution Powder. Each of these ingredients brings out brightness, improves appearance of clogged pores and absorbs airborne dirt particles respectively. Will it really peel away dirt pollutants and give me healthy-looking skin? Only one way to find out.


I squeezed a small amount (roughly, 3cm long) of the mask onto my finger. The shimmery, dark red colour of the mask is totally Instagram-worthy! And great if you’d wanna mimic the look of Vision from Avengers, but I kid! The red pearly lustre comes from Red Shiso, an antioxidant perfect for detoxing and preserving skin. After applying a generous amount of the creamy texture onto my face, the mask started to solidify into this thin, peel-able film. Another good thing about this mask is its versatility; spread it over your forehead and cheeks for rough skin, and on your t-zone if you have oily skin.


My favourite part about using the mask is the process of peeling it off. Wait for 20 minutes before removing it from forehead to chin and experience the dirt and impurities from your pores leaving your face instantaneously. Comparable to waxing (but this one’s totally painless), the WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask left my face feeling fresh and dirt-free. One use was all it took to brighten my dull complexion and give me smoother skin.

10/10 would use it again for its fun steps and unique colour!


The Shiseido WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask retails at $45. Available at Shiseido counters and online.


Uncap the tub and an intense yuzu fragrance will waft up your nostrils. The yuzu extract is high in vitamin C, which makes it great for brightening and moisturising skin.

When I read their claims about giving users a radiant glow the next morning even with little sleep, I knew that I had to try this product. As someone who gets an average of 5 hours of sleep every night, I was looking forward to the results. The WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask is meant to be used as the final step of your skincare routine.


With a gel-Iike consistency, the sleeping mask is very simple to use. Take an almond-sized drop and slather the product across your face. I noticed that the mask had tiny specks of yuzu bits that melt upon application. The yuzu bits support production of hyaluronic acid and felt so refreshing on my skin!

With hydration being its key element, it definitely fulfilled its purpose when I woke up with dewy skin. I’m no longer afraid that I would look like a zombie after only 5 hours of sleep (though I’m not encouraging you to sleep less…).

The Shiseido WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask retails at $60. Available at Shiseido counters and online.