3 Easy Eyeliner Hacks For People Who Suck At Eyeliner

Just like a vermillion red lipstick screams “classic”, the way you usually wear your eyeliner speak volumes. Whether you’re a hard believer of the cat-eye look, or if you love to give your lids by tightlining them, we’re giving you the full lowdown on how you can achieve the best eye look with this revolutionary eye pencil by Kate Tokyo — Fit Rare Gel Liner.

Kate Tokyo Fit Rare Gel Liner in Black (left) and Brown (right)

It comes as no surprise that many of us have the misconception of how expensive cosmetics would give you the best results. Truth is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get makeup like a black eyeliner that really lasts. For a drugstore beauty brand like Kate Tokyo, a good old kohl liner seems to be your best bet when it comes to defining your eyes.

Applying black eyeliner can be really intimidating especially for those who aren’t exactly skilled at doing it. For the fear of messing your prepped eyeshadow base, some of us find ourselves a little hesitant when we’re lining our eyes. But when Kate Tokyo released their new Gel Eye Pencil, with claims that applying it on our lids was a piece of cake, we knew we couldn’t miss the opportunity to try it out ourselves.

Curious to know how the new Fit Rare Gel Liner fares on the lids? Well, you’re in luck! We invited these three talented makeup artists to try their hands on the new Fit Rare Gel Liner by Kate Tokyo by recreating three different looks and this is how it went.

So what makes Kate Tokyo’s new Fit Rare Gel Liner any different than those out in the market? First of all, it’s jet black. And we mean seriously black, unlike the other eyeliners out there that claim to be black but appear grey on the lids. For something a little more contemporary on your lids, you can opt for the Fit Rare Gel Liner in Brown instead.

Aside from its high pigmented formula, the Fit Rare Gel Liner also feels soft upon application, it’s like as if it melts into your skin. And with a pencil that glides on seamlessly, comes the freedom to draw your line however you like! It’s also perfect for beginners who aren’t as skilled at drawing that perfect cat-eye. Not to mention, it’s also smudge-proof and waterproof which works perfectly if you’re one who usually fears of it running down your face mid-day. Goodbye panda eyes!



The Kate Tokyo Fit Rare Gel Liner comes in 2 shades — Black and Brown, and will be available at all Sasa and Watsons stores, and online on their website.



Makeup Artists
Look 1: Clarence Lee
Look 2: Peter Khor
Look 3: Dollei Seah

Direction, Adele Chan
Video, Wylie Wang, using the Canon EOS 77D
Model, Cheyenne Chesney from Basic Models