Keep Warm Down To Your Undies With Alexander Wang x Uniqlo

When trying to keep warm and toasty, we tend to layer up and forget about how our intimates play a huge role as well. And it might be hard to get your hands on underwear that will keep you warm. All hope is not lost, as there is a brand out there that caters to cold weather… Uniqlo!


The leading Japanese brand has collaborated with well-known designer Alexander Wang, after a good 10 years, to bring us a line of HEATTECH basics.


From left: Alexander Wang, Tadashi Yanai, John Jay

At first glance, the collection may seem plain and ordinary, but that is exactly what Uniqlo and Alexander Wang are trying to portray. The range explores the concept of dressing down in basics during the cold season. This also allows you to don your favourite coats and jackets without having to look like Michelin Man.


During the launch (titled Warmth Reimagined) on 23 October, products were put inside ice blocks to express that HEATTECH transcends cold and is warm enough to melt away the ice it is encased in.


This new collection of HEATTECH and HEATTECH Extra Warm items comprises of leggings, long sleeve t-shirts and even underwear! For the men, items include briefs, boxers and tights. On the other hand, the women’s range consists of bras, shorts, and bodysuits.


It is very Wang to switch up something so simple to make it look cute and fashionable. Even the smallest details matter, like the sharp silhouettes and ribbed materials used. With fabric that provides fluidity and changes with body movement, we will not have to worry about our activities being restricted. The clothes are available in several muted tones. (With the exception of one bright lime green). Deffo still wearable though!

Uniqlo x Alexander Wang. Available online on 8 Nov and in stores on 9 Nov.