Chanel Beauty Drops Collection Libre 2018 Ahead Of The Holiday Season

Is it ever too early to ring in the holiday season? Not on our watch! We’re probably all huge fans of this cult beauty brand and hearing about the release of Chanel’s Collection Libre 2018 had us on the edge of our seats! The collection injects a chic modern aesthetic into the classic archetype of the luxury brand. Inspired by Mademoiselle Chanel’s visual signatures and codes, the new Collection Libre 2018: Maximalisme De Chanel, transforms its classic symbols and ideas into new forms while maintaining the true essence of the brand.

Collection Libre 2018: Maximalisme De Chanel collection

Capturing the grandeur and emotional intensity of the holiday season, this new collection delves into metallic textures which you can then flaunt with confidence. Think of gold hues and Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite vermillion red that are true to the colours of the brand. Some of the impressive products you can expect from Maximalism De Chanel’s new range include eyeshadows, a lip palette, a highlighter, a rouge lipstick, lip gloss, and nail colours that come in Chanel’s sleek and chic packaging.

Chanel Collection Libre 2018: Maximalisme De Chanel, Création Exclusive Rouge Allure Velvet N°5, $52.

Global Head Of Makeup and Colour Design at Chanel, Lucia Pica, mentioned that “the woman who wears Maximalisme de Chanel doesn’t hide, she loves being looked at,” which of course, we can’t disagree with. To attain its “classic” status, there’s usually something universal about its colour that would make women around the world look dazzling in. Chanel’s classic vermillion red is one shade we simply can’t get enough of, especially with its limited edition red and gold tube that’s a great addition to your makeup stash.

Chanel Collection Libre 2018: Maximalisme De Chanel, Création Exclusive Le Lion De Chanel, $103.

The emblem of the lion that Gabrielle Chanel once treasured has been etched onto the collection’s very own Le Lion De Chanel, which is a compact that features the palest gold highlighter. To Lucia Pica, the lion’s strength imbues a sense of “courage and flamboyance in the woman who wears its image or colours”. Add some glow to your complexion by dusting some of this beautiful highlight on places like your cheekbones, nose bridge, and other areas you wish to catch some light on.

Collection Libre Makeup: Maximalisme De Chanel, Ombre Premiére Powder (from top left) – Electrum Lamé 905, Vert Lamé 906, Cuivre Lamé 907, Noir Lamé 908, $56.

Besides the highlighter, Collection Libre’s eyeshadows also feature the emblem of the lion and have a metallic finish when applied on the lids. To put it into Lucia Pica’s words, it’s “an adornment that brings subtle drama to the mix without necessarily drawing attention to itself”.

Chanel Collection Libre 2018: Maximalisme De Chanel, Création Exclusive La Palette Caractère, $110.

The La Palette Caractère is a limited edition palette that comes with five exclusive red-tuned shades, which also includes the Rouge Allure Velvet N°5 shade that we all know and love.


Chanel Collection Libre 2018: Maximalisme De Chanel, Rouge Coco Gloss in Liquid Bronze 808 (left) and Flaming Lips 812 (right), $48.

If you’re looking for something that’s on the glossier side, then the new Rouge Coco Gloss might just be your best bet! Wear it alone or layer it on top of your favourite lip colour to add a nice sheen to your lips!

Chanel Collection Libre 2018: Maximalisme De Chanel, Ombre Première Crème Rose Lamé 826, $53.

Add dimension to your lids and drawing light and luminosity to the high points of your brow bone with the Ombre Premiére Créme in Rose Lamé 826. This little beaut helps to accentuate your eyes without going over the top with the heavy pigments and artifice. Remember, sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference!

Collection Libre Makeup: Maximalisme De Chanel, Le Vernis in Flamboyance 918, $40

We are always bragging about the power of subtlety, but when it comes to nails, we’re going big on this intense red shimmer. Nail varnishes are literally the ultimate extension of any beauty look and this classic addition is one we can’t live without.



Chanel’s Collection Libre 2018 Makeup Collection will be available at Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutiques in ION Orchard, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, VivoCity, and Raffles City from 25 October 2018. The collection will also be available at ALL Chanel Fragrance and Beauty counters from 2 November 2018.