Check in to the Hermès Carré Club! Coming to you very soon.

19—21 October, 2018
11am—8pm daily
3 Lady Hill Road, Singapore 258672
Admission Free

For priority access, register here!


There’s an Hermès club happening this month at Lady Hill, and everyone’s invited. Well, it’s not exactly an actual disco club, but more an experiential showcase that explores the creativity, craftsmanship and heritage behind Hermès’ iconic silk scarf. And if you’ve been to any of the brand’s past events (eg, The Gift Of Time, Leather Forever, Mens’ Universe…), you know it’s going to be extremely fun.


1. Carré Click and Check — Sign in at the reception, get a “membership card”, and take pictures in the photobooth!

2. Carré Studio — If you’ve never really appreciated the art of silk, you will after a visit here, which is the epicentre of the club. You’ll witness designers and artists work their creative skills on Hermès’ famed silk. One of those artists is Singaporean, Izziyana Suhaimi, who is a fibre artist and uses techniques of hand embroidery and weaving in her work. (Incidentally, we got her to embroider a NYLON cover for #2, and I loved it so much, I bought it from her.)

3. Carré Cut — Try on a square-cut wig and get a manicure in Carré colours.

4. Carré Stories — Listen to recorded messages and secrets in a retro telephone booth (and maybe record your own?).

5. Carré-OK — yes, karaoke.

6. Carré Disco — There will be a square disco ball.

7. Carré Park — You can’t actually skate on this ramp (safety reasons), but I’m sure you can pose next to it for an IG photo.

8. Carré Mania — The Carré Club is the place to get your hands on the special edition Hermès Carré Club silk bandana!

Some important things to note:

  • There is NO PARKING on site.
  • For drop-offs, head to 3 Lady Hill Road.
  • There will be a shuttle service running to and from Hermès Carré Club every 15 minutes from: Liat Towers taxi stand (next to Hermès at Liat Towers), and Plaza Singapura taxi stand, 11am to 8pm daily.

Register for priority access: