Dyson’s Newest Gadget Will Dry Your Hair And Style It At The Same Time. With Heated Air.

Dyson upstaged the hairdryer game with the Dyson Supersonic when it launched two years ago, and now they’ve done it again with their newest tool. Getting ready will be a breeze with the Dyson Airwrap, which can do everything from drying hair to styling curls. And to make it all the more impressive, the Airwrap uses air instead of heat.

Every beauty enthusiast will want this revolutionary gadget because it’ll totally change the way your style your hair. Let’s take a look at the Airwrap first.


Powered by the Dyson V9 motor, the Airwrap makes use of airflow technology (called the “Coanda Effect”). By redirecting air to create a vortex, the air pulls things closer – in this case hair – to curl it. When you wrap your hair around the curler, the pressurised air vacuum can use either heated or cooled air to curl your hair.

Also, like every other Dyson product, the Airwrap is a premium product and won’t come cheap. The full set of all brushes and barrels will cost you $699, although there are smaller sets with lesser attachments for $649.

Each Airwrap comes with 7 different brushes and curlers to get the right amount of curls or smooth out all those frizzes. The Airwrap also comes with a “pre-styling dryer” head that looks like the one on the Supersonic so that you can dry your hair too. The Airwrap doesn’t have a head specifically designed to straighten hair, but you can use the two brush heads to smooth out frizzy hair and tame wild curls.

All the heads

Basically what this means for your hair:

1. Protect your hair from extreme heat damage since the Airwrap uses pressurised air. The styler also comes with intelligent heat control which ensures that the Airwrap never heats up more than 150°C. Compared with other hair curlers that can go up to 200°C to 300°C, you won’t be subjecting your hair to too high temperatures. Also lesser chances of you getting burns  or (even worse) burning your hair off.

2. Style your hair while it dries! Previously you had to dry your hair before curling it, but the Airwrap also dries your hair while styling it (in fact, damp hair will make the curling effects last longer!)




The Dyson Airwrap Complete Set costs $699, and is available on Dyson.com now and at authorised retailers. Smaller kits with lesser attachments at $649 is also available.