Jimmy Choo’s Fever is Basically Liquid Seduction In A Bottle

I never thought that I would ever use the word ‘edgy’ to describe a perfume, but when I first took a whiff of Jimmy Choo’s newest fragrance, there was no other word I could use to describe it. There are plenty of sexy fragrances out there, but this fragrance is for the glamorous, free-spirited girl who knows what she wants. You know that girl in the club who effortlessly turns heads as she walk past? That’s the girl we’re talking about.

Jimmy Choo’s latest fragrance, Fever, is an innocuous blend of sweet and sexy. Drawing inspiration from the allure of the effortlessly confident woman who is in charge of her own destiny, Jimmy Choo reworks the black plum nectar into a hypnotic fragrance.

The fragrance is full of the rich black plum, and balanced with notes of lychee and grapefruit that cuts through the air to herald your arrival. As you draw closer, accents of heliotrope, vanilla orchid and the ultra-feminine jasmine will further add to the allure with their comforting scents. To ensure that the perfume will last, base notes of roasted almonds and creamy sandalwood will linger around you all night long.

It’s basically what liquid seduction would smell like, seriously.

The plummy fruity fragrance comes in the signature Jimmy Choo grooved glass bottle, in an intense hue of plum. Accented with a square metal cap in gold, the bottle reminds us of luxurious decadence. If you’re familiar with Jimmy Choo’s shoes, you’ll notice that the box which your fragrance is packaged is covered in that iconic snakeskin texture in the same intense shade of plum.

When we first took a whiff of the perfume, we knew that it would be perfect for Mae Tan, who’s better known by her Instagram handle @marxmae. Just a quick scroll of her Instagram feed, and you’ll see why she’s pretty much the embodiment of the fragrance. Equal parts edgy street and ladylike, Mae captivates us with her mere presence. We snapped a few shots of her as she gets ready to head out for the night, completing her glitzy outfit with a spritz of Fever.

Of course, the fragrance is best paired with a pair of Jimmy Choo heels to really take everyone’s breath away.


Jimmy Choo Fever Eau de Parfum retails from $79 for 40ml, to $169 for 100ml. Jimmy Choo fragrances are available at Sephora, SASA, and major departmental stores. ‘


Adele Chan

Mae Tan

Josiah Chua, assisted by Lim Yen Shuen

Rina Sim

James Chiun

Images shot at Sofitel Singapore City Centre