Our Edit Of This Season’s Chunky Utilitarian Jewellery

Sophisticated, polished… and dainty? Nah, we like our jewellery like we do our peanut butter: chunky! It’s not for everyone maybe, but it certainly makes a statement. And these days, it seems like more brands are starting to embrace maximalist industrial-looking designs too.

You’ve seen them. Weighty hoop earrings, signet rings, or statement necklaces and chokers looped around your neck, these are pieces with exaggerated proportions, often part of cohesive collections designed around utilitarian motifs, meant to be stacked and worn together.

There’s also a little bit of what feels like an ode to punk rock. Just like D-I-Y safety pin garments, the style references everyday objects such as chain links, nails, or a bulky padlock. To see them dangling from our tiny wrists is certainly ironic, but also conveys heaps of badass attitude. That said, each jewellery brand manages to bring a subtle expertise so the overall design’s more graceful than clunky. It could be the twisted metal of Laura Lombardi, or the sleek lines of Cartier, what we’re saying is, we can’t wait to style them. And we did:


Photography & Styling
Amelia Tan & Cheryl Yip, using the Canon EOS 77D


Jewellery Collections

Here’s a quick introduction to the brands and collections featured, and why we love them:

Cartier Juste un Clou Collection

You may know Cartier for their more pricey offerings or celebrated Trinity de Cartier rings, but I prefer a far more rebellious house icon: the Juste un Clou. Translated to “just a nail” — which of course sounds way sexier in French — they’ve since adapted the designs into slimmer, sleeker versions, which you can wear on its own or stacked, for a fresher take. Not bad for a resurrection from the 1970s archives, which remains just as contemporary today. Let’s just say they… nailed it!

Juste un Clou Ring SM in Yellow Gold, $1,550
Juste un Clou Ring SM in White Gold, $1,650
Juste un Clou Ring SM in Pink Gold, $1,550
Juste un Clou Bracelet SM in Yellow Gold, $4,250
Juste un Clou Bracelet SM in Pink Gold, $4,250

Thomas Sabo Iconic Chains Collection

No charms here, but just as charming, the Iconic Chains pieces from jewellery brand Thomas Sabo are out to rock your world, with these feisty sterling silver pieces that come dripping with attitude. The key here is to layer! Just like you do your winter attire or skincare regime, piling on the hard-forged chain links and utilitarian clasps just brings out the line’s edgy expression. It even stands out on a plain black top, so bring on the basics! Your jewellery sure isn’t though.

Sterling Silver Glam & Soul Necklace “Circle”, $919
Sterling SilverGlam & Soul Necklace “Iconic”, $739
Sterling SilverGlam & Soul Bangle “Iconic”, $919
Sterling SilverGlam & Soul Ring, $549
Sterling SilverGlam & Soul Earrings “Iconic”, $259

PANDORA Reflexions Collection

The PANDORA woman has always been feminine and sophisticated — you know, the girl who adores rose gold and flower motifs — but I’ve personally never quite taken to the whole charm bracelet concept. Which is why the brand’s Reflexions collection made me sit up and take notice. It’s the same charm bracelet concept that they’re known for, with a key difference: the bracelets are now in a more graphic, flat design, accompanied by a flexible mesh texture. Clean, edgy, and very “aesthetic”. The charms now clip on, and the appeal, really, is how you can mix them — we went pretty minimalist with ours, opting for the classic chain, and just one sparkling adornment each.

PANDORA Reflexions Bracelet in Sterling Silver, $129
Charms: Floating Chains ($89), Sparkling Infinity ($69)
PANDORA Reflexions PANDORA Rose bracelet, $279
Charms: Floating Heart ($69), Dazzling Elegance ($99)

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany HardWear Collection

These made their debut last year, but it’s been one of my favourite collections from Tiffany & Co. since. And you know, everyone wants a piece of Tiffany’s; the brand’s iconic trademarked blue box has pretty much secured its place in modern pop culture, thanks to one Holly Golightly and her wistful stare. Here, you’re looking at the opposite of their more polished designs: think modern, rebellious pieces that take inspiration from chain links, padlocks, and wrecking balls, which channel the spirit of New York City’s urban soul. I like the play on oversized proportions, as well as the subtle detail in how the clasps are totally seamless.

Tiffany HardWear Link Earrings in 18k Gold, $4,200
Tiffany HardWear Wrap Necklace in 18k Gold, $14,000
Tiffany HardWear Ball Dangle Ring in 18k Gold, $1,975

Jennifer Fisher Chain Link Collection

The NYC-based brand has a pretty formidable #girlboss at its helm, so we’d expect every piece to have a unique point-of-view; and we’re glad they do! She started off with a charm necklace, which quickly drew the attention of celebrities, but really became known for her trend-setting designs, including this Chain Link collection that’s chunky, plated-brass designs.

FEATURED: Silver and Rhodium-Plated Cuff, $518.05

Laura Lombardi

Despite the heavy-looking designs, there’s something very feminine to them, whether it’s the interlocking hoops or woven metal structures. You can somehow tell from the designer’s background; Laura Lombardi grew up between both New York City and Italy, which has probably led to an aesthetic that balances a raw industrial style with classical art elements. Fluid metal and sculptural lines, we’re totally on board!

featured: Interlock Gold-Tone Earrings, $169.42