Science Centre Has A Whole Lot Of Exciting Activities This October To December!

Can’t think of where to go for the upcoming December holidays? Well, staying in Singapore doesn’t sound half as bad with so many upcoming year-end activities. And did you know? Science Centre Singapore isn’t just for children, it is also a totally date-worthy spot!

Science Centre Promotions

Have you ever wondered what is there to do in Science Centre Singapore? Here are 3 suggested itineraries for the young, the old, and the in-between!


Racking your brains to think of the perfect date? Then thank your lucky stars – for stumbling upon this article is fate. With the mirror maze, you will be able to see not just one, or two, but many reflections of your date. Experience different activities throughout the entire day and end off the day with a romantic stargazing session at The Observatory.


Here, we have another perfectly planned itinerary, which is catered for families. Spend time with your loved ones by learning new things and exploring the different zones. And bring your kids to The Waterworks for a splashing good time!

Older Generation

Who says that Science isn’t for everyone? Let Grandma and Grandpa join in the fun by bringing them on an adventure. They will be delighted to learn more about nature!

Science Centre Activity Highlights

Hearing From The Expert

Free Admission

Esteemed speaker, Dr Cung Vu, the Visiting Senior Fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), will be sharing about big data and the global energy landscape. Join him to learn more about these two trending topics!


Global Children’s Designathon 2018


Know of any children with creative minds? Then this is something for them! Developed by Designathon Works from Amsterdam, children develop their own ideas and build prototypes for global and sustainability issues.


Buzan Mind Mapping & Science Camp


Primary threes to primary sixes, we have some good news for you! Join the Science Camp to preview some of the topics that you will be learning in the next academic year. And take part in the S.T.E.M Thinking Skills workship for hands-on and experiential activities.


Mummy Unwrapped


Have you ever wondered how people lived centuries ago? Explore the insides of sarcophagus and a mummy without physically having to unwrap them. Learn about the Egyptians through this event!


Science Titans: Champions of Science

Free Admission

Travel back in time to meet one of the greatest minds in history – Archimedes!


Microscopic World of Forensics


Don’t deny it – we’ve all stayed up late to watch CSI, or other crime shows. Learn some cool and useful skills like DNA fingerprinting, bacteria gram staining and microscopy.


Athena’s Odyssey

$170/Parent-Child Pair

Learn about ancient Greeks and have a hands-on experience with replicas of past inventions.


Science 2025: Towards Science Communication for SG60


Science Centre’s first Science Communication Hackathon, Science 2025, invites everyone to co-create solutions for SG60. It is never too late to start now!


Robotics Reassembled – S.M.A.R.T Camp

$200/Participant (Students), $400/Participant (Public)

Robots have the potential to take over the world. Try assembling a robot from scratch. Hear from a robot industry insider and get to programme and operate an industrial robot.


Build a Drone or Robot


Learn how to fly a drone or robot with these workshops. Not only will you be able to create one, you will get to bring it home too!


Nature Week Activity Highlights

Do you have a green thumb? Check out the interactive corner and get up close and personal with carnivorous plants (don’t get TOO close though). Attend camps, one-day events, and workshops to find out more about the ecosystem.


Tinker Camp

Date: 7 – 8 December 2018

Time: 9am – 2pm


We don’t know about you, but 3D printing and prototyping your own mini-golf course sounds pretty darn cool. Planning for the future includes learning how to use real tools like drills and hand-saws.


Sci-sational Christmas

Date: 14 – 20 December 2018 (The Elf Academy), 21 – 25 December 2018 (The Elves Showdown! Science Show)

Time: 12pm – 5pm (The Elf Academy), 4pm (The Elves Showdown! Science Show)

$12/Participant (The Elf Academy), $2/Participant (The Elves Showdown! Science Show)

Though there are only 12 days of Christmas, you can make all 12 days count, by learning some new skills.

Kidsstop Activity Highlights

Bring your kids to learn about the antique device, a projector. Then, race on your very own land transportation and try to reach the finishing line first.


Kidsstop Innovative Designers Camp


With Christmas approaching, a handmade gift is the best gift. Bring your child to this camp to give pre-owned toys a new lease of life.


Omni Theatre Activity Highlights

Omni-Theatre: Space Next – 3D

Space Next 3D: Available from 17 November 2018

Space Next 2D: Available now


Grab a glimpse of the future by watching a 3D film of the space and stars.


Snow City Activity Highlights

Hansel & Gretel’s Winter Adventure

Date: 17 November – 31 December 2018

Time: 10am – 6pm

$12/Child, $15/Adult (1hr)

A personal favourite among children and adults alike, Snow City recounts the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel. Snow City might be the closest we get to seeing snow in Singapore, but whatever it is, we’ll take it.

Meet Hansel and Gretel, Santa Claus, and Snow City’s mascots, Oki and Suki. Snap cute photographs for memories’ sake!

With so many exciting activities, you will definitely find one suited for you and your loved ones. Go forth and explore!