Global Data as and when you need it!

We’ve been using Skyroam for global Wifi since they launched the Solis. It featured in our article, “5 Items You Cannot Travel Without”. Read it here.

I brought it with me on my safari trip with my girlfriends, and we all connected to it at the same time; it was indispensable. It works through buying what Skyroam calls “day passes” (which gives unlimited internet connection for 24 hours). A pack of 5 day passes costs S$54.99, while the Solis device itself is S$219.99.

But for some users, you may not require a full day of constant connection and prefer to use data as and when needed. For example, you could be in office or at a hotel and connected to their Wifi instead, and only need Skyroam’s Wifi when you’re on the go. And that’s the case for many people who have given this feedback to Skyroam, because Skyroam has just introduced a new subscription service called GoData.

It’s a subscription where you pay S$13 per month for 1GB of data (to use each month). And if you need more data, you can buy another 1GB for another S$13. This is great (and a lot more affordable) if you really don’t need constant unlimited data.

Click here for the full list of countries that Skyroam has service in.