The best of street style with the iconic Hermès silk scarf

Nine years ago, Hermès ran a campaign titled “P.S. I Silk You”; it was about the celebration of love and friendship, and was done in part for charity. At that time, I was the Editor of Catalog Magazine, and worked with Hermès to style and photograph 20 personalities including Rozz, Chris Ho, Shan Wee and Hossan Leong. (Hossan apparently has his photo framed up on his wall at home! 👍🏻) I managed to find a link to all the pictures taken — you can see them here on Marie Choo’s personal style blog from 2010 (she was part of the shoot too!).

This was me wearing two Hermès scarves as a vest:

Me, photographed for Hermès, by Chris Ong, 2009

My style hasn’t changed much — apart from much looser clothing (you know… age). What also hasn’t changed is my love for an Hermès silk scarf. It’s a style investment that never grows old, and is extremely versatile. I’m also a strong believer in incorporating these “high fashion” pieces into everyday street style. A single scarf can make a casual outfit look sophisticated; it can also serve a very functional purpose — protecting the hair, face or neck from the elements, like sun and wind (it was a vital accessory when I went on a safari earlier this year).

If you need some style inspiration on how to wear a silk scarf, we present to you a fresh take using pieces from Hermès’ AW18 collection. Just click on the photos above to get a closer view and to read their description.

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Photographed by : Adele Chan using the Leica M10-P with Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH
Styled by : Josiah Chua using Hermès silk scarves
Hair and makeup done by all the girls featured.
All photos shot in Singapore.