Volume 2: KAWS Releases Another Sesame Street Collection With Uniqlo That Includes Plushies

KAWS has dropped his next collection with Uniqlo, and we’re pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be the second instalment of the KAWS x Sesame Street Collection! Fans of the children’s show (us included) can look forward to a whole new selection of tees and sweatshirts. And if you’ve been following KAWS on Instagram where he recently teased fans with Bert and Ernie plushies, we’ve got all the deets on where you can get your hands on them!

Just like the previous collection, the entire Sesame Street gang has Xs for eyes – also recognisable as KAWS’ iconic motif. Even if you aren’t a fan of sporting Sesame Street, there’s plain tees and sweatshirts sporting just the XX motif.

The collection has unisex graphic tees, sweatshirts, hoodies in a monochrome colour selection of black, white, cream and grey for both men and women, while the kids’ line has graphic tees and sweatshirts. Just like the previous collection, the lovable characters are interpreted in KAWS’ unique stylisation. You’ll want to look out for the shirts where the Sesame Street gang are placed in a panel-like square that looks like an old-school comic from far, but is actually pretty morbid when you look closer.

The collection finishes with 5 plushie toys so that you can cuddle your friends from Sesame Street in bed. And yes, Elmo and gang are all sporting the iconic XX eyes. Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie also come to life as a plushie. You can buy the plushies individually or with as a complete box set, which comes in a collectible box sporting the KAWS x Sesame Street logo, covered in a print of all 5 plushie characters’ faces.

Take a look at the entire collection!

The UT KAWS x SESAME STREET Vol. 2 Collection will be available from 23 November at all stores and online.