Festive Gift Ideas For 5 Different Types Of Friends

Having a big group of friends is great. More people means more socialising; AKA team sports and drinking games! But within that group, you are bound to have a wide spectrum of personality types. With Christmas coming up, are you racking your brains to come up with gift ideas for your group of friends?

Well, before Christmas arrives, there is another equally important day. Singles’ Day! 11.11 is a date to celebrate singleness. This holiday has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world. The shopaholic in me cannot wait!

Check out these amazing deals (like the storewide 20% off on 11.11) that you can get from Etude House on Shopee.

The Walking Disco Ball

1. Tiny Twinkle Mini Drop Pearl Base Kit, $39; 2. Tiny Twinkle Shadow Palette, $39 $33.15; 3. Tiny Twinkle Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes Mini 3 Colour Kit, $34 $28.90

Do you have a friend who is always glowin’? Add to their shimmery collection by getting them products from Etude House’s latest collection, Tiny Twinkle. Made from the same amazing ingredients, Etude House’s products now come in new Christmassy shades! And they are packaged in cute Christmas ornaments. I could go on about this forever.

The Minimalist

1. Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro, $12.90; 2. Drawing Eyebrow (Bundle of 3), $17.70 $12; 3. Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Ice Cream, $9.90 $4.95

Have a friend who goes on and on about the “No-Makeup-Makeup-Look”? Then getting gifts for him/her would be super easy. Basic makeup application starts off with concealer and eyebrows. And a touch of gel tint for colour! Voila, you’ve got your gifts covered.

The Gallivanter

1. Real Powder Cushion, $32 $19.20 ; 2 & 3. Tiny Twinkle Soon Jung Skin Care Set, $50 $42.50 ; 4. Tiny Twinkle Mini Two Match 3 Colour Kit, $36 $30.60

In our friend groups, we have one who is always travelling. This may also be the same friend who “steals” hotel toiletries. Get them travel essentials, so that they will no longer have to “steal”! The Tiny Twinkle Soon Jung Skin Care Set includes a toner and a moisturiser, both in full-sizes and mini travel sizes. And get them a Real Powder Cushion for on-the-go usage!

The K-pop Fanatic

1. Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom Mix Match, $35.90; 2. Matte Chic Lip Lacquer (Red Velvet), $19.90 $15.90; 3. Play 101 Stick – Foundation, $24 $12

Do you know of someone who sings screams the lyrics to every song of the k-pop group they stan? Watch them squeal with joy when they realise that you’ve bought them the Lip Lacquer that Red Velvet endorsed! They will be able to recreate the looks of their favourite female idol with the Play Color Eyes Palette. And with the Play 101 Foundation Stick going at 50% off, you can’t not buy it. Just get one for yourself too!

The Skincare-Obsessed

1. Tiny Twinkle Moistful Collagen Basic Set, $50 $42.50; 2. Mask Bundle (10 pcs), $19 $11.40; 3. Ac Clean Up Pink Powder Spot, $23.90 $15.50

The secret to good skin isn’t drinking water. It is having a good skincare routine. Get your friend(s) a bundle of masks, going at 10pieces for only $11.40. What a steal! The Tiny Twinkle Moistful Collagen Basic Set is also a great gift. Collagen is great for holding your skin together, providing your skin with strength and structure. And the AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot removes impurities and dead skin cells. Christmas is settled!


Leading up to Singles’ Day, Etude House is selling Mystery Boxes worth $100 at only $29! Aside from all these deals, Etude House has storewide 20% off on 11.11, and an additional 5% off with purchase of 2 items. What are you waiting for? Time to start filling your carts!