Treat Yourself This Christmas With These SASA Holiday Picks

It is soon to be the “Month of Mariah”! Though she couldn’t care less about her presents under the Christmas Tree, we still do! Sasa has a sleigh full of beauty goodness for this festive season ranging from skincare to fragrances, at least that’s what we received when they sent over a mega beauty box to our office this week. Read on to unveil the Christmas goodies, and be prepared to be beauty blissed!


Dr. G

Left: Dr.G Brightening Up Sun SPF50+, $45 Green Mild Up Sun SPF50+, $40

No snow…only more scorching rays, that’s the reality of living near the equator. You can brighten up your day with Dr.G’s Brightening Up Sun Care that is SPF 50+! As the name suggests, it brightens up your skin while absorbing sebum. With this humidity, having sticky finishes is one’s worst nightmare, but Dr.G’s Sun Care products glide on smooth with a clean finish!

If you have sensitive skin, we got you covered as well! The Green Mild Up Sun stick (also SPF 50+) is formulated with UV protection and nourishing ingredients to soothe your skin while giving it the protection it needs (and also everywhere you go). Bonus point: it has anti-wrinkle effects and brightens your skin simultaneously!

Dr.G Aquasis Moisture Ampoule, $55

The holiday season usually equates to more traveling (yay!) and dry air on flights (nay…), be prepared with the Aquasis Moisture Ampoule that locks in moisture for 48 hours! It calms the skin with our all-time favourite ingredient, aloe vera and smoothens your skin with low molecular hyaluronic acid.

Dr.G Red-Blemish Clear Cream, $55

Acne-prone people unite! We all know the problems of blemishes that never seem to go away…but Dr.G might just have the solution for us! This 2-in-1 moisture cream is formulated to soothe and recover blemished skin! Feel free to slab it over your face both day and night after your usual cleansing routine.

Kingirls “Who Cares?” Mask Series

Left: Glow-It Mask, Soothe-It Mask, Hydrate-It Mask, Firm-It Mask, Boost-It Mask, $7.50 each

At NYLON, we advocate self-pampering (and we welcome sass with it!) Who Cares? Mask Series comes in 5 different choices that have 0 chemical fragrance added, 100% essential oil only!


-417 is known for their high-end dead sea skincare masterpieces and have most of their products certified vegan! Their Recover Mud Musk is infused with Dead Sea minerals and mud combines with honey, cocoa seed powder and essential oil! This regenerating anti-ageing mask leaves you with that “new skin” feeling by removing the unwanted dead skin!

Left: Recovery Mud Mask, Miracle Wrinkle Filler, Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel

The Miracle Wrinkle Filler supposedly gives you an INSTANT lift and smoothening effect on your skin. The collagen infusion helps to stop and even reverse the random (unhealthy) cross-linking of the collagen molecules that is one of the primary causes of wrinkling.

Looking for a vegan cleanser that gently exfoliates, cleanses and stimulates renewing circulation? The Facial Mirco Lugga Foaming Gel allows you to gently remove your makeup while simultaneously exfoliate your skin with its micro natural luffa beads.


Banana Republic

ICON Pure White Eau De Parfum, $109

If you’re a fan of clean and fresh fragrances, try out Banana Republic’s ICON Pure White! This light musky scent will whisk you away into a floral wonderland filled with jasmines and lavenders.

Wildbloom For Women, $99

Smells Like Free Spirit! This witty blend of sparkling fruit and watery florals is a burst of fresh air, a free spirit that you can’t tame! (the notes speak for themselves). This enticing scent has top notes of pear, guava, and grapefruit followed by an exotic array of floral scents. It is then finished off with an earthy base notes of sandalwood, musk, and patchouli.

Christian Siriano

Silhouette, $99

If you watch Project Runway, I’m sure you’re familiar with CFDA Designer Christian Siriano! Silhouette is the fragrance that was inspired by his Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collection, an ethereal and timeless series that was reflected in this scent (I mean…look at the packaging) It has top notes of rose, jasmine, and freesia and gourmand notes for a playful twist.

Silhouette In Bloom, $99

The In Bloom Fragrance is Silhouette’s more feminine sister, this floral scent was inspired by his Ombre Gown Ball in the Spring 2017 Bridal Collection. With top notes of pear, jasmine and Bulgarian rose, it finishes off with earthy tones of musk, amber, and oak.


Cyber Colors

For their 20th Anniversary, Cyber Colors launched the “Cyber Star Collection” that features blush, eyeshadow, and lipsticks (all crafted in star shapes!)

Cyber Star Soft Blush in Blooming Coral, $29.90

This powder blush allows easy application for a radiant sheen on your cheeks! Just simply use a brush to mix all colour shades on the embossed cosmic star and swipe it on your cheeks!

Cyber Star Eyeshadow in Antique Clock, $29.90

Want that girl’s night out/glam-ed up look? This gorgeous eyeshadow offers a velvet shimmering finish with a long lasting formula! It also has a super smooth texture that is easily blendable with an eyeshadow brush.

Cyber Star Satin Matte Lipstick in Red Romance, $33.90

Always worry about matte lipsticks being drying on your lips? This star-shaped lippie is not only rich in pigment but also nourishing and delivers the satin matte finish in one glide! Apply to lips with your fingertip or a lip brush.


High-Performance Lip Tint, $29

Looking for the perfect red lips for your Christmas Party? Celebeau’s High-Performance Lip Tint might just it! The “Tint Lacquer” that provides you an intense colour and a glowing moisture gloss!

On Stage Glow Cover Cushion, $59

Always look ready on-the-go with Celebeau’s best selling product, the On Stage Glow Cover Cushion! This moisturizing product really packs in the glow on your skin with its diamond powder for that glass skin look.

These products are now all exclusively available at all SASA Stores Islandwide. Enjoy your Christmas Gift Shopping for your girlfriends and loved ones! For more information, you can visit SASA.