Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain Is What Millennials Want In Their Shower

We first discovered the iconic Twilly d’Hermès fragrance last year, and yet this lively, optimistic and youthful scent is back and it commands attention. Based on first impressions, it’s clear that the iconic fragrance was targeted for the younger audience — specifically, the millennials. This time ‘round, French house Hermès is making new additions with the introduction of a new bath line — Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain.

Christine Nagel, the nose behind the Twilly d’Hermès, once mentioned that she was inspired by the ‘playfulness of the nature of young, contemporary women that are not afraid to create a world for themselves with energy, imagination and boldness’.

Inspired by the iconic narrow silk scarves Hermès is very well known for, the Twilly d’Hermès le bain line also brings a splash of joy and a wave of vitality into the bathrooms of Hermès girls.

Of course, as a luxury brand that prides itself on craftsmanship and design, the new bath line comes in ultra-vibrant colours and disconcertingly melted textures that make the bath line unique to its kind. Here, we’re unveiling five essentials from the Twilly d’Hermès le bain collection.

The Shower Cream

Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain Body Shower Cream

Spoil yourself and indulge in a luxurious shower like no other with the Twilly d’Hermès Shower Cream. Despite being a gentle cleanser, the shower cream lathers up well upon application as it comes with an ultra-rich texture.

The Moisturising Lotion

Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain Moisturising Body Lotion

Follow through by slathering on this bad boy up after a shower! Don’t worry, unlike other body lotions, this one’s exceptionally light and silky on the skin, you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything (on your skin that is).

The Body Balm

Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain The Body Balm

Whether you’re taking a long haul flight or if you’re in need of a quick fix to boost up your skin’s moisture levels, Twilly d’Hermès is perfectly sized for you to bring it when you’re on the go!

The Deodorant Spray

Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain Deodorant

What’s the point of looking good when you don’t smell good? It’s always important to take care of ourselves — whether it’s about our looks or even the latter.

The Soap

Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain Soap

Shower creams and body cleansers deliver a luscious shower experience, but there’s something about the good ol’ soap bars that are nothing short of luscious. Not only does this bar soap lather up well, but it also leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple – just like a baby’s bottom.

Similar to the Twilly d’Hermès fragrance, Le Bain’s bath line encompasses the same unique blend that consists of three key ingredients: Ginger, Tuberose and Sandalwood. The scent is an interesting play of opposites; it is from this fusion of the unexpected that it draws its appeal. Despite its individualistic composition, the scent manages to keep its individual unique sense of scent that is woven together without impairing one another.

The scent opens with citrusy and spicy top notes, along with white florals heart notes and base notes of sandalwood — giving Twilly d’Hermès a daring, youthful and androgynous, gender-fluid vibe to it. It’s a witty and wonderful autumn scent that’s easy-going and smells really inviting with just a whiff. I would say that this scent is a must-have to add to your collection if you’re one who likes a scent that’s strong with a touch of masculinity to it.


Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain is available at Hermès stores.
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