Show Your Support For World AIDS Day By Shopping These Brands

This year, World AIDS Day marks their 30th anniversary with the theme “Know your status”. Held every year on 1 December, the global health campaign aims to spread awareness and reduce stigma around the disease.

AIDs is a deadly disease. It has a history of tearing apart families and ruining lives, all because of an incurable virus that targets the immune system. While there isn’t a cure, there are plenty of organisations and brands out there who are committed to raise funds to help those affected.

You can also do your part by contributing! Whether it’s getting a PRODUCT(RED) item, donating money, or just wearing the HIV awareness ribbon, every little bit counts.


Apple Store in Hong Kong. Source

Apple is probably one of the biggest supporters for AIDS, with an entire PRODUCT(RED) line dedicated to the cause. Since the creation of the Global Fund, Apple has donated over $200 million to the cause. And for the past 5 years, 125 Apple stores all over the world have been turning their logo red in support of World AIDs Day.


The tech giant introduced its first (PRODUCT)RED iPhone XR earlier this year in September, along with a matching (PRODUCT)REDApple Watch Sport loopIf you’re going to upgrade your phone, you might as well get the cherry red iPhone XR and do your part for AIDs at the same time! Other products in  the PRODUCT(RED) line include various Apple watch straps, Beats Solo3 Wireless and Pill+ Portable Speaker and iPad covers, all in the same shade of cherry red.


We’re not surprised that Durex would sit this one out. To encourage safe sex and in support of (RED)’s mission to end AIDs, Durex will be launching (DUREXTM)RED  limited edition condoms, where a percentage of all proceeds will go The Keeping Girls In School Programme in South Africa. The box comes in that signature red colour, although we have no idea if the condoms will actually be red in colour – you’ve got to them to find out!

The (DUREXTM)RED Box can only be found online on Redmart and Lazada for $19.90 from 1 Dec. And there is nothing to be embarrassed about buying condoms, so go ahead and stock up. Better to be safe than sorry!

MAC Cosmetics

Over in the beauty sphere, MAC Cosmetics is a pioneer in HIV/AIDs funding, having set up their own fund to provide financial support for organisations working towards the same goal. Earlier this year, Sia released a single Viva Glam Vivid Red Matte lipstick in a warm cranberry red that comes in a limited edition packaging with her name stylised on the casing and the box. It’s definitely one for the collection if you hoard pretty makeup. Like the other PRODUCT(RED) stuff, all proceeds from Sia’s Viva Glam lipstick will go towards the Action for AIDS in Singapore.

Action For AIDs

Artwork by Gardensilly for Action for AIDs. Source

If you’re not looking to buy anything but still want to be part of the race to end HIV and AIDs, you can always donate to our local fund, Action For AIDs. It seems like an impossible mountain to conquer, but the fund hopes to achieve 3 zeros by 2030: zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and zero discrimination. Don’t forget that all monetary donations above $50 are tax-deductible – which is another reason to be lil’ more generous, especially with the giving season coming up soon.


World AIDs Day is celebrated on 1 December annually since 1988.