2 Festive Pink Holiday Looks With Gosh Cosmetics and Eleanor

Over the last few months, the Internet has been laden with things inspired by pink hues – and we can’t disagree that it’s one of the most popular shades we’ve seen this year ’round. From rose gold iPhones to dusty mauve lipsticks and even the ever-so-popular pastel pink hair (that everyone’s been obsessing about), we’re jumping onto the bandwagon with our own rendition of a festive pink holiday makeup look, just in time for this seasons’ festive activities.

The traditional holiday makeup colours aren’t meant for everyone – I mean, pulling a green or red eye look is harder than it seems, especially if you’re not experimental. Luckily, the trend that’s been all the rage at the moment is none other than millennial pink! Here, we’ve recreated 2 different festive looks with Gosh Cosmetics and Eleanor, to usher in the holidays.


Finished Look: Smokey Pink Glitter Festive Look
Gosh Cosmetics (L – R): Strobe ‘N Glow Kit, 9 Shades Eyeshadow Palette (To Party In London), Colour Corrector Kit, and Prime ‘N Set – Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder (Banana)

Metallic sheens and glitter call for a perfect Christmas dinner look! What you need: A highlight and strobe palette, eyeshadow palette, banana powder and a colour correcting palette!

Step 1: Start with a fresh base

First up, start with a fresh base and apply your favourite foundation on your face.

Step 2: Correct and cover imperfections with the Colour Corrector Kit

Using the colour correcting palette by Gosh Cosmetics, apply the peach/salmon concealer under the eyes to brighten and conceal any signs of fatigue. The palette also comes with a yellow, green, purple and beige concealer to conceal the other imperfections on your face (such as purple/blue bruises, neutralises redness on the skin and eliminating any unwanted yellow undertones).

Step 3: Conceal and set with the Colour Corrector Kit and Primer & Mattifying Setting (Banana) Powder

Follow through by setting the base and concealer with the banana powder (right) by lightly pressing it to the skin with a soft powder brush for a more poreless finish.

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know, the banana powder can also be used for baking, and can also be used to highlight the different points of your face too?

Step 4: Strobe with the Highlight and Strobe Kit

What is strobing, you ask? Well, strobing, in layman terms, is an extreme form of highlighting. Going in with the palette by Gosh Cosmetics, we used the lighter peach shade to highlight the important points of the face for a striking finish. These points include the cheekbones, beneath the brow bone, nose bridge and the cupid’s bow.

Step 5: Contour your cheeks with the bronzer from the Highlight and Strobe Kit

We then used the bronzer, that came along with the palette, to sculpt and to define the face, giving it more depth.

9 Shades Eyeshadow Palette (To Party In London)

And of course, we can’t forget about our glimmery eye look! Using the eyeshadow palette by Gosh Cosmetics, we’ll be using 3 of their metallic shades – pink (accent shade), light brown (definition shade) and gold (transition shade).

Step 6: Apply eyeshadow on your lids with the Eyeshadow Palette

Start your eye look with a pink base by gliding it across your lids. Then, using a pointed eyeshadow brush, dab on some of the brown eyeshadow to define the outer corner of your lids. Blending it together, use the gold shade from the palette and blend it in to give a nice transition shade. To top it all off, use an eyeliner to line your eyes with a simple line or a flick for that classic cat-eye look.

Finished Look: Smokey Pink Glitter Festive Look


Finished Look: Soft Pink Holiday Look
Eleanor (Top L–R): Satin Lipstick in Retro Girl, Crystal Lipstick in Fantasy Coral, Sheer Lip Gloss in Hints of Taj, Creamy Lip Gloss in My Leisure, Glowing Blush in Summer Nectarine and The Miracle Key Attractive Eyes in Peach Blossom

Known for its all-rounded range of beauty products and aesthetically-pleasing, girly packaging, the cosmetics brand, Eleanor, brings forth a new and distinctive experience to your usual makeup regime. If you prefer something that’s Japanese-inspired, then this look’s definitely worth trying.

Step 1: Start with a clean and fresh base

Before diving into the products, start off with a clean and fresh base by applying foundation and concealer to your skin.

The Miracle Key Attractive Eyes in Peach Blossom

This time ’round, we’re starting the look with the eyes. Using the eyeshadow palette by Eleanor, apply the peach shade all over your lids. When it comes to this eyeshadow palette, we say ‘more is more’! So don’t be afraid to glide more of this shade on your lids!

J-Beauty trends usually revolve around a look that’s minimalistic, so you can opt to stick to one shade at a time or try out a subtle smokey look by adding some definition to the corner of your lids with a deeper shade of brown to your lids.

Step 2: Apply eyeshadow to your lids with The Miracle Key Attractive Eyes in Peach Blossom

To finish off your look, we suggest adding a pop of shine to the middle of your lids with the gold transition shade and highlighting the inner corners (and brow bones) with the lightest shade in the palette.

Step 3: Give your cheeks a healthy pop of colour with this Momoko-inspired look

A Japanese-inspired look wouldn’t be complete without some blush! Add a beautiful and natural flush to your cheeks by sweeping on Eleanor’s Glowing Blush in Summer Nectarine. Concentrate the blush beneath the eye area and your cheeks to achieve that Momoko makeup look that everyone’s been raving about. It’s chic and surprising subtle!

Step 4: Prep your lips and apply Eleanor’s Serum Lip Balm

Moving on to one of the most important parts of the look: the lips. Before applying your lipstick or lip gloss onto your lips, swipe on some Serum Lip Balm to hydrate and prep your lips. This ensures that you’re working with a better base and provides long-wearing results that’ll last you throughout the day.

Step 5: For the perfect pout, glide on Eleanor’s Satin Lipstick in Retro Girl

Once you’ve prepped your lips, apply Eleanor’s Satin Lipstick in Retro Girl for that perfect pout.

Step 6: Add a little shine to your lips with a Creamy Lip Gloss in My Leisure (left) on top of your lipstick, or you can opt for a sheerer and more natural finish with Eleanor’s Sheer Lip Glos in Hints of Taj (right).

For a beautiful, glossy finish, swipe on Eleanor’s Creamy Lip Gloss in My Leisure (right) on top of your lipstick for a rosy pout, or go for something sheer and natural with Eleanor’s Sheer Lip Gloss in Hints of Taj (left).

Finished Look: Soft Pink Holiday Look


Gosh Cosmetics and Eleanor is now available at all SASA outlets.