Save More, Customise Bookings, And Travel Smart With ChangiHotels

Ever wanted to book your hotel, but then realised that the booking website you are using has a whole string of questionable extra charges? The website will list out the extra fees in fine print, expecting travellers to find it themselves. But worry not, as Changi Recommends has introduced ChangiHotels on top of their wide range of travel services.

What’s good about this site is the fact that they are straightforward and honest about their prices, which in turn helps you to save more! The site offers more than 170,000 affordable accommodations at over 5,000 destinations. And what you see is what what you’ll pay. Amazing right? No more getting your feelings ‘cheated’ by sudden surcharges.

Besides ChangiHotels, Changi Recommends has plenty of other convenient travel services. You can rent routers, buy prepaid SIM cards or attraction tickets, arrange airport transfers and even buy travel insurance from them. Settle all your travel necessities from one retailer, no more switching tabs on your browser!

We can all agree that a holiday is supposed to be for relaxation. But where’s the fun in stressing out over whether your hotel fits your budget? Leave your preparation woes in 2018, and start the new year with this new hotel booking website.

If all these have yet to convince you to try out ChangiHotels, they have a promo code for you! Quote “30EOY” at checkout for an additional $30 off the total bill with a minimum spend of $100.