5 Times Fashion And Beauty Brands Were Actually Inclusive

The inside scoop to a surefire backlash from a beauty or fashion brand these days? Slap on some non-inclusivity. Victoria Secret, we’re looking at you. Only one real rule applies, and it has everything to do with companies simply being inclusive and acknowledging the different types of skin tones, age range, and body types. Such is the ethos of this bridal shop in England that recently went viral for showcasing disability in their window displays by putting their mannequin in a wheelchair.

Times are a-changing.


While many brands continue to take a backseat on inclusivity (the list is inexhaustible, amirite?), we’re casting light on five beauty and fashion labels that have consistently been incorporating inclusivity across the board of their products.



From showing the same product on different sized models, not airbrushing the models’ stretch marks to designing a jumpsuit with wheelchair users in mind, Asos is coming in strong with their line of inclusive and body positivity fashion.

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Each Lonely collection commits to fostering a positive body image, especially for the greying generation. The brand embraces age diversity by also enlisting older women to flex their modelling poses for their catalogue.

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Fenty Beauty has undoubtedly delivered the same diversity consideration to that of Savage X Fenty. With the new launch of 50 concealer shades (#profiltrconcealer) — a feat not many other companies even try to accomplish, this brand is always striving to match the wide range of skin tones.

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This fashion retailer preaches the message of inclusivity with their pledge never to photoshop away a model’s stretch marks and cellulite, along with releasing unretouched campaign pictures to prove that flaws don’t exist.

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Seeing age inclusions in beauty campaigns have become an emerging trend over the past few years. While not a new concept and sadly still not a norm, brands like M.A.C have been advocating for older women spokesmodels to front their product launches.

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