Red Packet Designs You Should Add To Your Ang Bao Collection

Chinese New Year isn’t Chinese New Year without food and… ang baos! You might not be setting out to collect red packets, but somehow we’ve all got a secret stash at home that has piled up over the years. Here’s a list of unique red packets that you can get (and maybe collect) this year!



Chinese New Year motifs on these red packets are boxed up in  little squares, resembling an Instagram feed. The origami design at the back reflects UNIQLO’s identity and heritage as a Japanese company and simultaneously adds a playful touch to the red packet design.


Available at all UNIQLO stores from 21 January 2019 onwards, with no minimum spend required. While stocks last. (Image from UNIQLO)


2. The Paper Bunny

Instead of the usual Chinese New Year greetings in Chinese, The Paper Bunny has chosen to convey them in English on their red packets. This simple and lovely red packet design is also suitable for other special occasions to convey your well-wishes.


Comes in a set of 8 at $5 per set. Get them here. (Image from The Paper Bunny)


3. Singlish Mamashop

Singlish Mamashop has lovingly handmade these red packets together with the elders at Lions Befrienders. Colloquial phrases have also been incorporated into their red packet design, a breath of fresh air from the usual Chinese characters that are on most red packets.


Comes in a set of 5 small red packets or in a set of 3 large red packets, each at $7 per set. Get them here. (Image from Singlish Mamashop)


4. Independent Market

Made in Singapore and illustrated by Lee Kow Fong, these red packets have cute illustrations to wish your loved ones happiness this Chinese New Year.


Comes in a set of 20 at $9.90 per set. Get them here. (Image from Independent Market)



Skilfully folded by the inmates from Changi Women’s Prison, the red packets from THE FARM STORE resemble a “red bun”, a playful reinterpretation of “红包 (hóng bāo)” in Chinese.


$9 for 1 or $18.90 for a set of 3. Get them here. (Image from THE FARM STORE)


6. Merryknot

Red packets from  Merryknot come in six different designs with little ears that stick out to welcome the festive occasion.


Comes in a set of 6 at $4 per set. Get them here. (Image from Merryknot)


7. DBS

These environmentally-friendly red packets feature DBS’ mascots, Xing and Jaan, clothed in traditional Chinese costumes to celebrate the festive occasion. With floral motifs and woodgrain patterns, these red packets are fitting for the festivities.


Receive two sets of DBS or POSB red packets when you collect and withdraw new or good-as-new notes at all DBS or POSB branches, or at new notes pop-up ATMs. (Image from DBS)


8. Pine On Paper

Designed and manufactured locally, this red packet design is simple and classy. The red packets are printed on velvet paper and come with spot UV, embossing and matte finishing. Wish your loved ones a flow of abundant blessings with this beautiful set of red packets.


Comes in a set of 10 at $15 per set. Get them here. (Image from Pine on Paper)


9. Pandora

This design is inspired by the Good Fortune Carp charm from Pandora that was launched for Chinese New Year. The carp symbolises good fortune, peace and good luck. Wish your loved ones “年年有余 (nián nián yǒu yú)” with this set of red packets.


Minimum spend of $128 is required (Image from Pandora)