A Beauty Survival Guide To Last You Through The CNY Reunion Interrogations

Let’s be real.

When the Chinese New Year season is in full bloom, you’ll feel it. Your social calendar is packed to the brim with visiting friends and family members. Being held hostage by your nosey relatives at a reunion dinner (oy vey) is inevitable, and prepping your skincare and makeup routine for a round of fleek beauty looks can be a little demanding. No offence to those we hold dear, but the evil dubbed stress is summoning us, and we’re answering.

We’re not alone; Sasa is here to help bear some of the brunts of that burden, ushering in a Chinese New Year beauty sale with gusto with some of your favourite brands, including Cyber Colors, Dr.G and The Balm — and we’re not just talking minor discounts here and there. The one-stop cosmetic store is bringing out the big guns with up to 88% off every 2nd item!

Think: Moisturisers formulated to handle patchy skin, cherry red matte lipsticks that promise long-staying power when you don’t have time to escape for touch-ups, and — of course — iridescent highlighters to fake that “receiving of an Ang Pao” glow.

To remove the stress from the equation, we’ve rounded up a plethora of can’t-miss beauty deals from their Boarsperity Sale to guarantee you’re truly ready to face the music ahead.



Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick 024 The Red, $19.90 (68% off 2nd item)
Color Combos Mineral Lipstick in #14, $9.90 (88% off 2nd item
Cyber Colors Cyber Star Satin Matte Lip in Sugar Brown, $33.90 (68% off 2nd item)

As beauty writers, we believe you can never have too many lipsticks in your arsenal. That said, these red and pink-hued matte lipsticks promise not to crack under pressure when your aunties pester you about your future baby daddy. With deals like these from Sasa, you’ll be all set for your upcoming reunion dinners, multiple house visits and #glamorous selfies for the car ride there.



The Balm The Dew Manizer’s Squad Mini Liquid Highlighters, $69 (68% off 2nd item)
The Balm Alternative Rock Vol.2 Face Palette, $69 (68% off 2nd item)
Gosh 9 shades – 002 To Have Fun With In LA, $41.90 (68% off 2nd item)

When you’re attending a blurring number of Chinese New Year celebrations, no soiree glam is complete without a smorgasbord of makeup. To keep the spotlight on you, these eyeshadow palettes packed with glittery shades and shimmering highlighters will add some serious shine. Add to cart.



Dr.G Aquasis Moisture Ampoule, $55 (88% off 2nd item)
Epona Wally’s Tomato Cream Pack Wash-Off-Pack, $32 (38% off 2nd item)
-417 Time Control Facial Active Serum, $110 (88% off 2nd item)

In anticipation of annoying skin gripes (hello, dehydrated skin!), get ready to spread good fortune onto your face with this dream team skincare ensemble, all designed to leave you feeling hydrated… especially after your distant cousins give you the cold shoulder.



Duft & Doft Sophy Soapy Nourishing Hand Cream, $14.80, (38% off 2nd item)
Duft & Doft Sugar Delight Nourishing Hand Cream, $14.80, (38% off 2nd item)
Haruhada Urea Hand & Foot Cream, $19.90, (68% off 2nd item)

Ah, receiving red packets is such hard work. (Kidding!) Turn back the hands of time (and CNY celebrations) with smooth, moisturised skin. With hand and foot creams at the ready, you can revel against your driest patches.


Happening right now, Sasa Singapore is hitting us with crazy-good, CNY sales on some of your favourite cosmetic brands. Translation: You’ll be able to snag some too-good-to-be-true beauty buys from their Boarsperity Sale! Their deals include a Mix & Match Up to 88% / 68% / 38% Off every 2nd item.

For more information, check out Sasa’s website or head down to any Sasa store near you.