Gentle Monster’s Full 2019 Collection ’13’ Is Finally Here!

Seoul-based designer eyewear brand Gentle Monster is not unfamiliar to many. You may have seen their exhibition-like stores at ION Orchard and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, or have noticed your favourite Korean celebrities donning their eyewear pieces. The brand has just announced the release of its full 2019 collection and it is like no other.

Gentle Monster’s new collection is named after the number 13. This is a significant number and isn’t just randomly picked by the brand. In this eyewear campaign story, ’13’ represents the imaginary 13th lunar month, ‘Undecember’. This is when the earth begins to face extreme ecological changes, flora and fauna start to behave abnormally and humans start to be dangerously dependent on scientific or religious beliefs. In essence, ’13’ is a fictional story of what will happen with the introduction of the 13th lunar month. You can check out the full story of ’13’ here.



Gentle Monster’s identity of being abstract and eccentric shines through both the story and the collection itself. ’13’ mirrors the brand’s image of being bold and unconventional, boasting a total of 18 styles with a mixture of classic and avant-garde eyewear designs. The use of shapes, colours and details in this collection gives rise to trendy and unique pieces, such as BEES, MOHENIC and NEWTURTLE.

Inspired by the crescent moon, BEES features a half-moon shaped micro lens with bold bridge details. MOHENIC has a vintage, rectangular metal frame and narrow, tinted micro lens that adds a strip of colour to the piece. As for NEWTURTLE, it has a statement acetate bar across the top of the eyewear with unique bridge details for those looking to add a statement piece to their wardrobe.


The Gentle Monster 2019 collection ’13’ is now available at Gentle Monster Singapore flagship stores.