Terrazzo Is The New Marble, And It’s Bound To Spark Joy In You

That’s an assumption, of course — because, would a real Marie Kondo enthusiast really give in to adding more items to their house? Probably not. But once that hype dies down, and you’re done culling your wardrobe from unwanted non-essentials or feverishly folding your t-shirts into odd triangles, you might wanna give these terrazzo items a shot. Don’t feel ashamed, come over to the dark side! You can start by simply imagining your home looking like this:


Thing is, until recently, terrazzo was never really “in”, unless you’re into the whole 60s aesthetic that is. The material’s humble beginnings sound downright dismal, and at best practical, since it’s essentially a composite made from waste produce in Venice’s marble factories; chips of marble, granite, quartz and glass were mashed together and set in concrete, and the world was blessed with a durable flooring solution that can be found across Italian palazzos, train stations, and later, your grandma’s HDB flat.

Modern designers though seem to have made it a personal mission to, as they say, make terrazzo great again. Certainly, the speckled design commands attention, and adds a quirky visual flair to the sometimes rigid minimalism of Scandi-style furniture. As countertops, backsplashes and wallpaper, they’re achingly cool — part nostalgia, 100% hipster. All the better if you’re into mid-century armchairs and dressers, because terrazzo fits right in.

Not everyone has their own place to overhaul though, so if you’re into little doses of the material’s signature print, here are a few ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe, desks, or tech gadgets.



Our Second Nature Milestone Cami Top, $59

Pomelo Premium Satin Terrazzo Print Shirt, $74
Weekend Sundries Dip Shift Dress in Terrazzo Prints,  $139

Here’s where the toughness of terrazzo gets a little softer. Local labels Our Second Nature and Weekend Sundries do relaxed takes on the design, this time in the form of a clean-looking camisole, or a 100% cotton poplin A-line dress with the cutest cut-out detail at the back. If a cluttered aesthetic’s more your thing, go for the busy prints of Pomelo’s satin shirt, which adds just the right amount of pizzazz to stark trousers.



Veja 3-Lock Leather Sneakers, $190
BlaucelStore Terrazzo Tote Bag, $34.04

We don’t know if everyone can embrace the more experimental facade of this pair of Veja leather sneakers, but go for it if you dare! It’s a statement piece, for sure. For something that’s a little everyday though, you might foresee yourself relying on this roomy tote; the pastel tones and bright straps look chirpy enough for you to weather any stormy day — or weather, really, since it’s made from weather-resistant fabric too.



Corian U Necklace, US$60

22 Studio Circle Earrings, US$69
The Lorem Ipsum Store Glass Series – Sophia, $48

This is probably the easiest way to wear the architectural material on you. Terrazzo gives off a rather industrial vibe, which is why it’s usually moulded, set, and shaped into geometric shapes for jewellery. Don’t let the stiff lines fool you though, the fact that each of these pieces look so artfully uncluttered is testament to good design. Our picks: a striking necklace paired with gold hardware, round earrings that’s polished to perfection, and an adjustable necklace with textured beads to go with that draped dress of yours.



The Paper Bunny Wildflower Notebook, $15.90
ZAKKIA Sepon Terrazzo Desk Set, US$85

Is the most scenic view from your desk a desktop wallpaper that’s hidden behind all your pop-up applications? We 120% feel ya. Cheers to the mountain and ocean vistas for that bit of light in your life, but for something that truly sparks joys to your #hustle, try these. The Paper Bunny does a most stylish iteration of a notebook, with a blush terrazzo pattern and rose gold-foiled plans, while ZAKKIA’s here to impress your desk buddies with a pyramid paperweight and a vessel for the one pen you still have in this digital age.

ZAKKIA Sepon Terrazzo Vessels – Set of 3, US$135
Tom Dixon Materialism Terrazzo Candle Medium, £65.00

To jazz up your home, we’ve got more ZAKKIA vessels that can house every millennial’s favourite low-maintenance plant: succulents. These low-key vases are handcrafted by a family-run workshop in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, which makes it all the more special if you’re keen on anything sustainably-sourced. On a more luxurious front, you might want to consider these Tom Dixon candle, which are great for cradling in your hand, or leaving on your bedside table to fill your room with its fresh Mediterranean scent.

candles of light Dawn Terrazzo Candle Jar, $53.90

Those into scents would love Candles of Light too, since their natural soy & beeswax candles, as well as botanical perfumes, are made in small batches right here in Singapore — which brings us to this soothing blend of lavender, citrus and mint. Crafted by regional artisans, the candle’s soft matte terrazzo jar is indeed beautiful to behold too, though it’s even more a beauty when you consider how it can be reused as a plant pots or desk accessory long after the flame goes out.



NATIVE UNION Dock Wireless Charger Terrazzo Edition, $149.99

You’ll be surprised by how many speakers, chargers, and phone docks we’ve come across that are more aesthetically-pleasing than you think. Giving bland blacks a run for their money is Native Union, a design company which brings much-needed fun and sophistication to your tech essentials, including this wireless charger, now made with black or rose-hued Jesmonite. The functional steel structure allows you to charge and view your device at the same time, with built-in temperature control that prevents overheating, and is suitable for the iPhone 8 and X series as well as other Qi-enabled devices.

FormMaker iPhone Case – iPhone 7/8, $36 – $39

Casetify Terrazzo iPhone XS Impact Case, US$45
Casetify Terrazzo – Mint, Pink, Grey Snap Case, US$29

So, there are literally thousands of phone cases to pick from, but if your relentless urge for the terrazzo life ain’t about to die any time soon, a phone case can be quite the easy commitment. Creative studio Form Maker has a wonderful texture to its eco-conscious utilitarian case, while you can count on Casetify for producing the world’s slimmest military-grade phone cases so any accidental drop won’t lead to a teary affair.

Casetify Apple Watch 38mm Band in Terrazzo 1, US$52
Casetify Apple Watch 38mm Band in Terrazzo, US$52

And with the Apple Watch being all the rage these days, you’ll want to play around with the most repetitive part of your outfit too. Switch out your basic straps with these vibrant leather bands and head out for the active lifestyle you’re so clearly stunting.