6 Fun Fitness Classes For Women Who Hate Going To The Gym

Often, there are times where some people exercise for the sole purpose of maintaining an already amazing physique. (I mean, just have a look at the countless amount of bikini pics of influencers that flood your feed every week! Need we say more?) But, for most of us, our main concern lies, not with getting that hot bikini bod (that may seem unachievable), but with the idea of shedding a few kilos off and getting back into shape.

Now that the February festivities are finally done and dusted, there’s absolutely no excuse for us to run away from our fitness routines. We know, we know… Going back to the gym may seem like a dread especially after almost a month of overindulging (and the thought of dragging your butt to the gym is just as agonising as it is boring for others) but eventually, you’d still have to work up a sweat and burn some calories!

So if you’re wondering of a place to work that booty of yours without hitting the gym (or if you’re sick of doing traditional cardio) then you might want to check out some of these classes that are garnering lots of buzz in Singapore’s fitness sphere. Here’s our updated list of activitiesactivities for you to try to kickstart your fitness journey:


Gigi Hadid has been known to be one of the top fitness-focused models in the industry with a strong passion for boxing. (Photo Courtesy)

Boxing may come off as intimidating for some but with the introduction of more non-combat boxing classes in Singapore’s fitness scene, the sport might just prove to be a little more inviting. We can’t disagree — first impression-wise, the sport naturally identifies itself as one that’s closely linked with masculinity. But as much as women’s boxing divides opinion more than most other sports, the rise in females boxers have started to overcome sexism and pseudoscience. Take, for instance, Gigi Hadid who has managed to maintain an almost-perfect physique through boxing.

CruBox Singapore

For kickstarters, try out a non-combat class like those at CruBox Singapore. They offer trial classes for you to have a go with (be it by yourself or even with your gal pals). Join the pack and box to the beat with their high-intensity workout which includes body shredding, shadowboxing and heavy bag work. CruBox proved to be a popular hit amongst A-List celebrities like the Kardashians, back in Los Angeles — which evidently explains why we’re psyched about it when it arrived on our shores in this January.

Boom Singapore

Similarly, you can also try your hands at Aqua Boxing at Boom Singapore. The studio is set in a dark room that’s illuminated with neon lights and tear-shaped boxing bags that hang from the ceiling, with some weights by the sides for a full-blown workout that will work for your arms and the rest of your body too.


CruBox Singapore’s sister spin studio, CruCycle

Ladies, this one’s for you! Rally up your girlfriends and join the pack at CruCycle for one of the most highly raved workouts we’ve seen to date. Located at the heart of Tanjong Pagar, CruBox Singapore’s sister spin studio, CruCycle, offers classes that comprise of rhythm cycling, orchestrated to the beat of heart-pumping music that’ll make you feel like you’re dancing, while helping you burn excess calories. In fact, it makes a great workout sesh if you’re looking to blow off some steam after work as well!

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga at Yoga Inc

If the thought of doing traditional yoga bores you then it’s probably time to switch things up a little. While yoga studios are aplenty in Singapore, hot yoga has proven to gain more popularity over the recent months. Why, you may ask? Apart from braving the heat, hot yoga has continuously drawn ardent supporters for its wholesome workout routine that comprises of a fixed series of traditional poses in a heated room. It comes as no surprise that you’d find yourself profusely sweating from the heat but ultimately, it makes a great workout to strengthen your heart, clear out the veins, cleanses impurities, and boosts the immune system as well (definitely not like the usual yoga classes that you’re most accustomed to).

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga at Hale Yoga Studio

If hot yoga isn’t your thang, then you might want to give this other activity a go instead. Staying suspended in the air and weaving yourself with the cloth may seem like a tough feat at first, but truth be told: Aerial Yoga is, in fact, a really fun activity that you should add to your bucket list. This form of yoga is an increasingly popular style of asana that involves doing a fixed series of poses with the help of a suspended “hammock”. Despite having the constant fear of flipping yourself over and landing face first on the ground, with the right guidance, this gravity-defying exercise actually helps strengthen your core muscles while increasing your spinal and shoulder flexibility.

Trampoline Fitness

Bounce Class at Beatx Studio

Prefer something a little more challenging? For a workout that will leave you gasping for air, search: Trampoline Fitness. Trampolines are one of those items that bring back fond childhood memories… But when you put together a small trampoline with a holistic combination of anaerobic and aerobic routines and heart-pumping rhythms, then you’ve got yourself one of the most high-intensity workouts you could ever ask for. Essentially, the exercise helps improve your lymphatic system while it tones your muscles (and of course, gets your heart racing). But if you’ve sustained a few leg injuries in the past and you’re worried about going full-on on the trampoline, well, fret not — as much as it is intense, it actually has a very low impact on your joints. Apart from that, it makes a great workout for sculpted, sexy legs that’ll make your friends green with envy.

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing at The Brass Barre

Hold up, did someone say pole dancing? As provocative (and NSFW) as it may sound, pole dancing is undoubtedly one of the most mainstream workouts in the scene. It may seem a little intimidating to be swinging around the pole in a class full of students, but if you’re willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone, then this exercise might actually work for you.

If you can relate to the apprehension, then we suggest going for their trial classes instead — that most of the studios in Singapore are offering; so you won’t have to worry about having little to no experience. Essentially, pole dancing is a fun way of exercising and synchronising your moves to the beat as you spin and twist and sometimes hang in mid-air while it strengthens your core and improves your flexibility at the same time.