A Guide To Stay True To The Anti-Valentine’s Day Cynic In You

Pink hearts and overpriced chocolates not your thing? Or just not up for lovey-dovey couples with the sparkle of love in their eyes? Don’t worry, we feel ya. We’ve covered quite a bit of Valentine’s Day collections in the lead-up to the big romantic occasion, but that doesn’t mean we’re not on your side too. Single and proud, or just a long-time couple with no need for fancy proclamations of love, here’s how you can stage your mini “Alternative Valentine’s Day” protest.

Far from rolling your eyes at every bouquet that passes you by, we suggest a less antagonising approach. Breathe in, breathe out. It’s just another day after all. Cupid’s certainly stupid, we hiss, but you can also take the day to appreciate the non-romantic relationships you hold dear in your life. Or, take the time to practice some self-love. Either way, for those who love to loathe, this one’s for you:




Lonely hearts? We’ll take that. Spanish brand Bimba Y Lola manages to stay this irreverent against societal pressure to conform, this time with a collection that screams pink, red, and a stinky little thing called love. Just take a look at the campaign images that hilariously see the poor model awkwardly air-hugging, or crying a river while carrying a pouch emblazoned with the slogan “Love Hurts”. Then, there are earrings that passive-aggressively say “I Don’t Care”, or a shopper tote stuffed with leafy vegetables instead of flowers. Yeah, love sure sucks sometimes, but it’s sometimes healthy to make light of it as well.

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We stan a brand that doesn’t take itself seriously, and here, Lazy Oaf manages to turn the lovely occasion on its head, with a collection titled ‘She’s No Angel’. You’ll find crimson hues, yes, but more spice than everything nice, and a hella good She-Devil campaign as well. Other than the “Weirdo” motifs and heart cut-out bodysuit, our favourite piece has gotta be the “I Prefer Cats” t-shirt, that calls out to the homebody in you. There’s really no need to mourn your singlehood at all.

Of course, there’s an important message here too: the campaign images, featuring Rachelle Cox shot by Eli Beristain, show the plus-sized model being confident and sexy in her own skin. “I want to live in a world where everyone can feel truly happy and comfortable in their own skin; where brands can be inclusive and represent all types of bodies,” she says. Now, that’s something worthy of celebration, no?

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Sure, you won’t be getting 99 roses today, but who cares! We’d rather a non-generic gift that speaks of your character and badass attitude. A comfy t-shirt or two for those precious me-time weekends, or a sweater that nods to Ariana Grande’s latest hit — she did sing about gratefulness, after all. Just for laughs, there’s also a ‘Sends Noods’ sticker, along with the self-indulgent items of B&J’s ice cream (appropriately called ‘Chocolate Therapy’), or a bath bomb in the shape of an “innocent” aubergine for your personal pleasure.

Pizza Is My Valentine T-Shirt
‘Send Noods’ Sticker, from Red Bubble
Pomelo Love Yourself Graphic Tee
Casetify Girl Gang Starter Pack iPhone XS Impact Case
ChugMate Wine Glass Bottle Topper
Lush Aubergine Bath Bomb
Thank U Next Sweatshirt, from Etsy
‘You Repulse Me The Least’ Card, from Etsy
Kempf Go Away Doormat
Nail Art, by Kim Macias

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy Ice Cream


Netflix & Chill — like, really chill 


For the singles staying in tonight, or the couples who are valiantly ditching ’em dinner reservations, there’s always time for snuggling up the sheets with our favourite streaming service, Netflix. The hardest part? Having to pick something to watch.

If you often find yourself squabbling with your partner over your TV series picks, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of genre-blending Netflix Originals that might finally put an end to the eternal strife.

Korean drama and zombie fare? The unexpected clash happens with Kingdom. This one’s a Korean period drama about palace politics… with lots of bite, because zombies. That’s right. Imagine the chaos of a zombie plague hitting the Joseon Dynasty, as the crown prince (Ju Ji-hoon) sets off on a personal mission to uncover the truth and halt its spread. Last we saw, these zombies are mighty fast and dangerous too.

Memories of the Alhambra

Then, there’s the much-talked-about YOU, which stars Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley. What starts off as a seemingly innocent boy-meets-girl romantic flick becomes a little more sinister as the show goes on, when Joe overzealously attempts to win the affection of Beck (Elizabeth Lail) with, ahem, social media. Suspense ensues!

Elsewhere, there’s Memories of Alhambra, a K-drama romance set in Europe that’s a little Black Mirror-like in its tale of tech gone bad. Engineering investment company CEO Yoo Jin-woo (Hyun Bin) heads to Spain for a groundbreaking AR fantasy game, and along the way, meets game creator Jung Se-joo (Park Chan-yeol) and sister Hee-joo (Park Shin-hye), while encountering a mysterious incident that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Bar Rouge: ‘In Memory of Love’

Bar Rouge — My Ex’s Tears Cocktail (Sweet & Refreshing, and Sour & Bitter)

Revel in your broken-hearted misery, and get high while you’re at it too; we’re talking about the enviable high-altitude views that Bar Rouge offers, that is. Located at the top of Singapore’s tallest hotel, consider this a celebration of singlehood, especially with the food and drinks offerings tonight — to accompany the sweet electronic music, there’s a snarky set of cocktails you can try. Choose between two flavour profiles of the My Ex’s Tears concoction, either Sweet & Refreshing (gin with cucumber syrup and apple juice) or Sour & Bitter (Dom Bendictine, lime juice, and angostura bitters), and hey, you can’t complain about finally getting a choice now.

Location: 2 Stamford Road, Floor 71
Time: 5pm to 3am (food menu only available until 12am)
Entry: Complimentary all night
Call +65 9177 7307 or email bar.rouge@swissotel.com
More information here.

Lucha Loco: ‘Hearts Go Loco’

Lucha Loco — Hearts Go Loco

You know what’s really appropriate today? Bashing your ex — quite literally too. That’s totally acceptable here at this Mexican bar, where they hold an annual spiteful-but-hilarious Anti-Valentine’s bash for the single ladies (and men). Activities include the aforementioned bashing of a pinata with the faces of your lovers past, cheeky drinking games, as well as plain old dancing, this time, to all the sexy single anthems.

Location: 15 Duxton Hill
Time: 8pm till late
Entry: Free Admission
More information here.