Another Levi’s® x Peanuts® Collection, But This Time With The Whole Peanuts® Gang

Just last year, Levi’s® collaborated with Peanuts® for a Snoopy collection, to the joy of many Snoopy lovers. But wait, don’t people often say the more the merrier? Well, this time, Levi’s® will be collaborating with the whole Peanuts® gang! These characters will be included in a whole range of apparel like tees, jeans and jackets.


Levi’s® x Peanuts® Collection Tees


The graphic tees come in usual colours like white and grey for those who prefer a simpler style. As for those who like more vibrant colours, there’s the yellow graphic tee which also displays wit and humour, just like the Peanuts® comic strip!


Levi’s® x Peanuts® Collection Denim Jackets


If you love Snoopy but don’t really want to tell the whole world of your love for the adorable beagle, then this denim jacket might just be what you’re looking for!


Levi’s® x Peanuts® Collection Jeans and Shorts


Not only will you see the Peanuts® characters on the jeans, you’ll also see them on all of the interior pockets!


Levi’s® x Peanuts® Collection Tote Bags


Besides apparel, this collection will also include tote bags. Carry your essentials and bring along the Peanuts® gang when you’re out with these!


Levi’s® x Peanuts® Collection, from $39.90 to $169.90.
Available at all Levi’s® stores from 1 March 2019.