Casio’s New SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Designs And A Collaboration With WILDLIFE PROMISING

Bored of the usual watches with the same few classic colours and designs? How about watches from Casio? Casio Singapore has something different for you with two new models in its SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) series, as well as new G-SHOCK and BABY-G shock-resistant watches produced in collaboration with WILDLIFE PROMISING, an environmental group. These aren’t just any random watch designs — each design has a story to them.

Toshikazu Nozaka, the artist behind the designs of the SHICHI-FUKU-JIN series, mentioned in an interview that he took care not to show the gods directly on the watches themselves and at the same time, made sure the design of the watches created an atmosphere reminiscent of the various gods in question. He also had children appear in the pictures on the packaging as he wanted to compose scenes where the gods appeared to be pleasantly watching over children enjoying activities like active sports, which are supported by the G-SHOCK brand.


Toshikazu Nozaka Doing the Design for Packaging


SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Daikokuten


Image of Daikokuten on Packaging


Daikokuten is the god of treasure and fortune, evolved from the Buddhist form of the Indian deity Shiva. A lot is happening in this illustration — the mice are managing the treasure, the children are breakdancing and Daikokuten is distributing bags of rice and other goods while joining the children in breakdancing at the same time.


SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Daikokuten, $249


The Daikokuten model is based on the GX-56 and has shock-resistant construction. The watch band features images of a magic hammer and a mouse, while three small Japanese coins are seen on the watch strap keeper, representing Daikokuten, the god of treasure and fortune.


SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Jurōjin 


Image of Jurōjin on Packaging


Jurōjin is associated with longevity and originated from the Chinese Taoist god, the Old Man of the South Pole. In this illustration, Jurōjin comes across children snowboarding when he was passing through the snowy mountains. He is seen viewing the scene together with a deer.


SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Jurōjin, $249


The Jurōjin model is based on the DW5750E, a model that restores high-performance functionality to the present day. The watch features a white and grey colour scheme, with a watch band featuring a deer pattern with a scroll design arranged around it. Its artistic design includes elements across the entire watch that represent peaches for perpetual youth as well as scroll patterns.




L – R, BA-255WLP-7A, $159; GR-B100WLP-7A and GG-1000WLP-1A, $479 each


L – R, BA-255WLP-7A, $159; GR-B100WLP-7A and GG-1000WLP-1A, $479 each

Since the late ’90s, Casio has lent support to many environmental groups by producing collaborative G-SHOCK and BABY-G models under the theme “Love the Sea and the Earth”. This time, Casio has teamed up with WILDLIFE PROMISING, releasing three watch models designed with motifs representing three wild species found in Africa — the lilac-breasted roller, African fish eagle and leopard.


L – R, BA-255WLP-7A, $159; GR-B100WLP-7A and GG-1000WLP-1A, $479 each

These watches also come in specially designed packaging, featuring illustrations of the respective animals.


Casio SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Daikokuten and Jurōjin, $249 each. Available at all Casio G-SHOCK stores, except IMM outlet store.
Casio WILDLIFE PROMISING Series, $159 for BA-255WLP-7 and $479 each for GR-B100WLP-7A and GG-1000WLP-1A. Available exclusively at  G-SHOCK Casio store at Bugis Junction.