Could Urban Decay’s New Reloaded Palette Be Better Than The Naked Palette?

Last summer, Urban Decay dropped a huge bomb when they announced that they’d be discontinuing their iconic Naked Palette. And boy did that leave us shook! (PS. If you ever used an Urban Decay Naked Palette, then you’d probably understand the hype). Beauty junkies around the world were left distraught by the news but of course, it was shortlived. Ever since then, the brand treated their fans by releasing a few crowd-pleasers like the Urban Decay Cherry Palette that obviously didn’t disappoint. Nonetheless, as much as we appreciate and love the Cherry Palette, we’re all still longing for the perfect neutral palette just like the one by Naked… #salty

But we’re not here to rub the death of the Naked palette in your face, no. In fact, we’re here to talk about what every beauty junkie in the world’s been going mad about — Urban Decay’s all-new Naked Reloaded. *cues triumphant music*

You heard that right!

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette, $71. Available at all Sephora stores, online at and the Urban Decay freestanding store from 28 Feb onwards.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for a Tuesday afternoon, the Naked: Reloaded Palette is set to hit stores this February 28th and it’ll feature 12 brand new neutral shades that promises to be just as versatile and wearable as the OG Naked Palette.

Now that the news is out, you must be wondering: What’s the difference between the two? Well, you’ve come to the right page. Before you get your hands on the palette, we’re giving you the 411 on what you need to know about the differences between the two palettes and all of its new shades.


In comparison to the former, the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette comes encased in an orchid-design palette with a sleek black inner layer (and not to mention, much bigger mirror). One other main difference to note: the palette’s brush. We’re always so used of grabbing hold of what’s provided but this time ’round, Urban Decay has decided to ditch the brush so you could use your own personal sets to customise your look. So if you haven’t got yourself a set of eyeshadow brushes to play with, it’s about time you should.

Also, the new palette also comes with four larger pans for the shades; Bribe, an ivory matte; Barely Baked, a soft gold metallic; Boundaries, a warm terracotta; and Blur, a light nude matte. Basically 4 of the most wearable shades that you’d probably hit pan first if it was in its standard size.


Apart from its aesthetics, we’re most concerned with the new shades.

Here’s the deal — we loved how wearable the shades were in the OG palette, but could the newcomer really fill the void in our hearts? The answer is: Not quite. The old palette might be gone but it will never be forgotten.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean we’re not giving the new palette a chance. Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded comes with more universally flattering shades that are made for anyone and possibly, any look you’re going for — whether it’s for your usual everyday look or, a more dramatic, smokey glam look. (And yes, it’ll look good on any skin tone — talk about being inclusive? YAS!) Wende Zomnir, Founder and CEO of Urban Decay, also mentioned that these shades were given a”major glo-up”, especially due to the consumers’ change in taste.


In this palette, you can expect a mix of matte, metallics and micro-shimmer shades to build your look with — check out the swatches above for a closer look!


Plus, it comes with a bright coral shade (aka “Retro”) that takes a different spin from the former and also a great shade if you’re going for that Living Coral lewk. Sweet!


And hey, since, we’re on the topic of inclusivity, can we also take a moment to appreciate how amazing these shades look on both men and women?!


So now that you’ve got your fill on the new Urban Decay palette, we’re serving you some looks that slayed if you’re in need of some inspiration with the new shades. Ready?





So be sure to mark your calendars. Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded palette drops in-stores and online on February 28th.


The Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette will retail at $71. Available at all Sephora stores, online at, and Urban Decay stores from Feb 28.