How To Get Your Own Home-Grown Garden

Imagine having fresh produce within arms’ reach, literally! It’s always nice to have plants around the house, so why not edible ones? Now, salads have never been easier with the Aerospring, a versatile vertical aeroponic gardening system. We break down the functions of the Aerospring, so that you can have your cake— sorry, veggies, and eat them too.

Bigger isn’t always better, and the Aerospring only requires one square meter of space to grow up to 27 different plants— we don’t know if we can even name that many! It features a sleek hexagonal design that fits easily into different spaces.

Additionally, things that are high-maintenance are hardly ever worth it, so you’ll be glad to know that the Aerospring is wonderfully low-maintenance for its capabilities. Its lighting and irrigation functions are easily controlled via a smartphone app, and the 20 gallon bucket carries enough water for three weeks at a time.

The components of the Aerospring.

Convenience doesn’t have to come at the cost of extra waste either! As you might have inferred from the name, the Aerospring is aeroponic and does not require soil. Instead, the plants are grown by having their roots suspended in air, which are then regularly showered with a nutrient-rich water solution.  It is much more efficient and wastes less than conventional farming methods, using 90% less water and growing 30% faster.

From left to right: Aerospring Indoor in White, price TBA; Aerospring Indoor in Black, price TBA; Aerospring Outdoor, $580

Additionally, it is not just water that is saved but also electricity! Patented triple-band LED technology makes it such that the Aerospring’s high-quality LED light bars emit full spectrum light and produce the equivalent of 1000W, while only consuming 138W of energy.

Sometimes, the best type of treat yourself is to eat well, and what better way to do that than with veggies as fresh as fresh can get!


Aerospring launched on Kickstarter on Monday 16 February. Starting at just $1130, the starter kit includes patented professional LED grow lights, a fan, a wheelbase and lightweight frame, a tent with six zippable panels and wifi timers that allow plants to grow successfully indoors. Consumers can pre-order the Aerospring and the Aerospring Indoor Garden kit at