Could This Kat Von D Foundation Make Your Skin Look Filtered IRL?

It’s tough not to be totally starry-eyed about how good your skin looks under a makeup app filter (hey, we’re only human), especially when it makes us seem like we have perfect complexion — or at the very most, much-needed coverage. While real life doesn’t quite provide that flawless finish, we might just have found our ride or die with Kat Von D’s re-launch of their full-coverage Lock-It Powder Foundation.

kat von d nylon singapore
Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation ($53) offers 26 shades.

Housed in a refillable compact, the foundation is designed to deliver instant blurring effects with extreme long-wear. It also promises a velvety-soft formula that provides a matte finish, which is said to hide imperfection (think: pores) and works seamlessly on all skin types.

With the bitter taste of previous makeup brands and their limited shade controversies, the Kat Von D Lock-it Powder Foundation range appears not to be very inclusive (darker shade range has left the chat), but we hope it’s because they are simply testing the market at this point. We’ll be keeping watch.

kat von d nylon singapore
Left to right: F105, L130, TD185, RD230

Curious in the performance of the Lock-it Powder Foundation — which is currently available in stores at Sephora and online — we speak to Stefannie Strazerre of the Kat Von D Artistry Collective, our potential new beauty BFF.

What sets the Lock-it Powder Foundation apart from its competitors?
Oh my goodness, where do I start? Let’s start with this sleek, sexy compact! Designed by Kat herself! This powder delivers fast, extreme long wearing full coverage. It has rice powder extract to blur and diffuse the skin while keeping it beautifully matte and flawless. And of course, as always 100% vegan!

Can you explain how to use the Lock-it Powder Foundation?
One of the things I love most about this powder is that there are a million ways you can apply it, and it always looks beautiful. You could use a brush, a sponge even a beauty blender. For a more full coverage application, I recommend a dense brush like our #22 Pressed Powder Brush. This will deliver an even fuller coverage that lasts all day! If you want more of a light dusting of flawless, use a powder brush like our #20 Lock-it Setting Powder Brush or if you even want to just powder and perfect certain areas our #25 Precision Powder Brush allows more even control.

kat von d nylon singapore

Who would you recommend the Lock-it Powder Foundation for?
This foundation is truly made for everyone! With over 25 shades thoughtfully developed offer a match for a range of skin tones. This foundation is ideal for all different skin types including oily, dry, textured, and smooth!

Are there any oily skin makeup hacks you swear by?
The first and easiest is when shopping for makeup, make sure all the products you’re using are on the same page as you! You want a foundation, concealer, powder formulas that have a long-wear, mattifying claim. Also, keeping your application tools clean, whether you use brushes, sponges or a beauty blender will help you stay matte even longer.

Can you describe one makeup trend from 2018 you’d like to bring into the new year? Which KVD products would you use to achieve it?
One trend that never goes out of style that I think we really rock the hell out of is the iconic Hollywood glamour cat eye,  flawless skin and red lip look. And now that you know how to achieve that skin, all you would need to finish your look is our best-selling tattoo liner for the perfect black cat eye and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Outlaw’! An iconic look, that won’t fade away! 


Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Powder Foundation ($53) is available at and in stores at Sephora.